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If the mountains of chocolate facing you at every turn in the shops didn’t clue you in, then chances are the sudden swathe of semi and not-so semi-religious programming on the BBC will shout the message loud and clear: IT’S EASTER, FOLKS! 539 more words


McD Meets the Mafia in ITV's Disappointing Documentary

Trevor McDonald is not Louis Theroux. “Well durr”, you might think. One’s a legend of ITV broadcasting, the other hangs out with America’s loony tunes for Aunty Beeb. 466 more words


Preview: The Flash Ep.5 “Plastique”

The Flash

Season: 1

Episode: 5

Time: Tuesday 8/7c

Air Date: November 11, 2014

Channel: CW

“Plastique”– A bomb explodes in Central City and the army, led by General Eiling, comes in and takes over the investigation, much to Joe’s dismay. 19 more words


'Kingdom' creator on crafting a gritty family drama in the MMA world

When Byron Balasco tells people that his new show Kingdom is about Mixed Martial Arts, their response tends to be, “Oh, so it’s a reality show?” It’s not a wild notion, considering that we live in a world with very few (if any) scripted shows about MMA. 853 more words


'Supernatural': Jensen Ackles on playing a 'super demon,' what's next

Heading into Supernatural‘s 10th season, showrunner Jeremy Carver has teased that this year’s mythology will be “very, very personal” for all of our favorite characters. 753 more words


'The Originals': Where we left off, what's next in season 2

The Originals started as a show about three siblings, a thousand years of family history, and Klaus’ desire to regain control of New Orleans. But in season two, there are more Originals than ever, and Klaus is less about the city and more about revenge. 1,964 more words


'Vampire Diaries' has new characters, the old Damon, 'no happy endings'

When we left The Vampire Diaries last season, Mystic Falls had become a vampire-free zone, Damon and Bonnie had died, and Alaric had returned to the land of the living. 2,043 more words