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Ode to Billie Joe

“Once Upon a Time” had expired. Now, “Every Minute Counts” was in charge, and things were happening faster and faster.

The Old Man of the Mountain was having trouble with his children. 685 more words

My View Of The World

Vengeance Is Mine S2 E11 Preview

There’s a price on Jamie’s head. They’re under siege in a church. A tricky plan is hatched to use Claire as an English hostage and Jamie as bait to save the others. 289 more words


Prestonpans...The Fight Begins...S2 E10 Preview

The planning. The plotting. The preparation. The uprising is moving forward. Prestonpans a battle that will be of historic significance, is here. Prince Charles will not stop. 199 more words


War Is Come S2 Preview

From the luxurious and at times cutthroat happenings in France, The Fraser’s have gone home. They did all they could to stop the Jacobite uprising from taking place, but alas, it is now upon there own doorstep. 269 more words


Faith S2 E7 Trailer 

Faith S2 E7 comes after the shockingly dramatic duel between Jamie and Black Jack Randall, and Claire experiencing a serious pregnancy complication. The trailer opens with Claire in the hospital with Mother Hildegarde by her side. 202 more words


January 2016 TV Preview

Ok Internet, so I’m gonna try and stay off the Star Wars hype train for at least a little bit longer and instead jump on some other hype trains and ride them to their various and sundry Shining-hype Stations. 716 more words