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Roseanne’s Reboot

I watched it.

It’s familiar , yet not at all.  Everybody is older and they look like older versions of what a tor/characters I remember, yet their voices have aged more than anything else.     653 more words

New Trailer for Netflix's Lost in Space [Video & Photos]

I’m old, guys. So old, that as a tiny, tiny child I watched the original Lost in Space during its original run from 1965-68. The phrase “Danger, Will Robinson” is part of my DNA, and part of why I’m a scifi fan to this day, along with original Star Trek, which ran at about the same time, and Twilight Zone reruns. 388 more words


Welcome Back Roseanne

Anyone else nervous for this reboot?? Roseanne is a favorite in my house. I watched it growing up, and now early mornings and weekends it dominates my tv. 201 more words


What Katie Watched - September 2017: Will & Grace

IMDB 7.2  – Rotten Tomatoes 85%  – TV.com 8.8 – Metacritic 85%



Will & Grace premiered on NBC on 21st September 1998 and quickly became one of my top ten shows of all time, and easily my favourite sitcom. 1,003 more words

Frank Miller's Sin City To Be Rebooted To A TV Series

A popular graphic novel phenomenon will be coming to the small screen.

Deadline reports that TWC/Dimension will be developing a television reboot of Frank Miller’s  104 more words


Twin Peaks is coming back!

I just want to start this blog post by saying this isn’t going to be a review, in the slightest! It will also, possibly, contain SPOILERS and so read on at your own peril… 660 more words