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The Great Buffy Re-Watch: S1E1 "Welcome to the Hellmouth"

We’re here to talk about Buffy. And Willow and Xander and Angel and Spike and Giles and Faith and Cordelia and Anya and Tara….and fine, even Dawn. 1,506 more words


Timeless S1xE14 Recap: "The Lost Generation"

“Nobody gets to decide our futures except us.”

– Lucy Preston

spoilers ahead…

It’s amazing how easy it is to lose oneself in the lifelong search for a parent’s approval.

935 more words

The Bachelor – Nick Wears Short Shorts

Let me kick this bitch right off by saying that I knew this show was a crock of shit, but I don’t need to be hit over the head with it every time I watch. 1,062 more words


‘Tales from the Crypt’ nostalgia recap: “The Thing from the Grave”

Season 2 | Episode 6 | Originally Aired May 8, 1990
Written & Directed by Fred Dekker

Over a year ago, I started putting together nostalgia write-ups for… 1,141 more words

So Cosmo: 'Fun Fearless Females'.

It’s been a minute since I was THIS excited for a TV show to start, and yet not only do we have a season of “So Cosmo” to look forward to, but also the last season of “Girls” premiers this weekend, and “Big Little Lies” isn’t too far behind. 520 more words

Holly A. Phillips

Supernatural 12x10 Recap: "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets"

The Road So Far

Last season saw the brothers in a battle with their biggest foe yet: the Darkness. Upon reuniting the Darkness with her brother, AKA God, the brothers were able to take a long relaxing vacation…oh wait, nope. 656 more words


Viall Style: Nick Sucks

Nick really, truly sucks at being the bachelor. Everyone is mad at him because not only does he suck, but he can’t mitigate it with even feigning interest. 51 more words

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