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Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.3 'Don't Call Don'

In this episode Ashley invites Don to go on her first ‘Hollywood Adventure’, but after getting turned down in seconds, she makes the trek to the land of the stars by herself on the metro. 227 more words


How to Get Away with Asking Your Student to Move in with You (HTGAWM Recap 3x02)

(This post contains spoilers for episode 3×02 of How to Get Away with Murder.)

Are there worse things than murder? I guess to Michaela, it’s sleeping with Asher. 2,599 more words

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AHS - Ep.3 Discussion

     Finally we got ourselves a good one!!!

     Devin and Chris sit down for a lengthy talk about how this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke… 55 more words


Recap: We're NOT Friends Ep.2 'Boundaries'

That’s been two weeks since my last review. Time runs really fast! Anyway, I promised that I’ll write recaps of every episode of new web series We’re NOT Friends, and I’m gonna keep my promise. 324 more words

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TV Recap! The First Presidential Debate

Welcome back, TV Recap! readers extraordinaire! I am so pleased that you’re here to (a) try to remember something you just watched last night or (b) read a synopsis of something you could… 1,152 more words

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Scream Queens Season Two: Welcome Back, Idiot Hookers

Before we get started here I’d just like a blow a gigantic raspberry and flap a sarcastic goodbye wave to the Summer of 2016. Sorry if you’re a sunshine, good vibrations and beach type of person, but I’m much more of a dead leaves, smashed pumpkin and ghoulish confectionery kind of a girl. 1,338 more words


Queen Sugar Episode 4

Ok, so I am totally going to backtrack and recap the first 3 episodes, but this idea popped in my head today to do show recaps so YAY! 717 more words

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