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The Bachelorette- The Cliffs of No Moher Cupcake

We return to the couch of shame…Shawn asks Kaitlyn if she’s in love with him. Apparently he thinks it’s the Shawn show, and basically it is for me, but I guess other people might see this as a little egocentric. 1,611 more words


On Ahrland Ah Ah-land: Bachelorette haiku recap, SE11 Ep08

Shawn asks for her love.
She offers the ole’ chestnut:
“I’m falling in love!”

which is the only
thing she is contractually
allowed to admit. 521 more words

BALLERS: "Pilot" - S1 E1


The amount of original, critically brilliant content HBO puts out on a yearly basis is amazing. From SILICON VALLEY to GAME OF THRONES, HBO puts out content that draws in fans and critics alike creating an almost cult like status.  454 more words

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The Bachelorette- Don’t Have Sex, Because You Will Get Pregnant, and DIE.

“I want a rose so bad that I would pull my own tooth for one.”

You’ll have to excuse me if I seem extra snarky this week but I sat for two hours last night on a bed I was basically sticking to due to my 1000 degree apartment, just to watch an episode that began and ended with a cliffhanger and the in between was some behind-the-door moans. 1,360 more words


I want to know every part of you: Bachelorette haiku recap, SE11 Ep07

We pick up where we
left off with Jerkosaurus
Ian prattling,

while Kaitlyn pulls the
most incredible facial
expression, and then

delivers a speech
that cuts him off at the knees. 490 more words

Married to Medicine – Season 3 Episode 3 (Inspector Quad) Review

Heavenly (Dr. Heavenly) Kimes – Dentist
Husband: Dr. Damon Kimes – Emergency room Physician
Children: Damon Jr., Zachary, and Alaura

Dr. Heavenly’s daughter wants to be a singer one day so Heavenly tried to get her to sing on the spot but she didn’t. 729 more words

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True Detective Recap: 'The Western Book of the Dead'

So to preface this, I did not watch the critically acclaimed, award-winning first season of True Detective. It looked like one of those very slow burning HBO shows that I really need to dedicate my attention span to. 437 more words