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'Hawaii Five-0' fan recap: Put a ring on it

Season 6 | Episode 3 | “Ua ‘o’oloku ke anu I na mauna” | Aired Oct 9, 2015

In our latest episode, basically everyone gets screen time… 1,040 more words

Suits: Season 5 Review


Finally after months of anticipation we get our first review from Historical Redemption, Millenial’s sister.

This review contains spoilers for the entirety of Suits, including season 5. 1,197 more words


Is this feminism? You're the Worst S2:E5

I’m currently mid-move and full on frazzled, so I’m not sure if that colored my opinion of episode 5, but yikes. Prepare for some negativity. 397 more words

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Nashville- “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye”

All right, let’s not dance around it. This episode was a total downer. We’re forced to care about Bev’s life even though the vast majority of her existence on this show has been acidic. 1,036 more words


Once Upon A Time Review – The Price (Season 5, Episode 2)

Camelot (6 Weeks Ago)

For some reason Merlin is trapped in a tree. The prophecy says The Savior will free him. Regina stepped up to say she was The Savior since Emma is now the Dark One. 584 more words

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The The Leftovers Recap for Losers Who Don't Watch The Leftovers - Season 2, Episode 1

At Dr. Loser we’re dedicated to watching all the cool TV shows this new fall season, while those of you who think you have “ 639 more words


Once Upon a Time Review: S5 E1&2


(SPOILER ALERT if you have not seen the first two episodes of Season 5 of Once Upon A Time)

I have been addicted to this show since day one and have loved all the twists and turns the writers have thrown at us.  990 more words

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