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TV Recap: Supernatural -S12 E23 (finale)

A lot did happen in this season’s finale. We lost two major characters who’ve been with us for many seasons, which makes me think the show might be going for some sort of soft reboot. 447 more words

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Late Flashback Friday Post-Out Of Sync (2000)

Desperation often breeds ideas that in the moment, seem like a good choice. But upon looking back, following through the idea may not have been so wise. 191 more words


Doctor Who Review: "Extremis"

Remember in my review of “Smile”, where I said I hope the streak of good episodes continue?

Well, ladies and gents, I’m afraid that streak ended at five for me. 1,032 more words


American Gods Recap: "Git Gone"

The series takes a big step back from the world of gods and dives deep into the complicated Laura Moon.

Beware the Goddess of Spoilers… 1,028 more words


TV Recap: The Flash - S03 E23 (Finale)

Someone died and it wasn’t Iris.

Remember when HR was introduced as a version of Harrison Wells from Earth 19? He came with a new toy that allows him wear the face of anyone. 419 more words

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TV Review: Arrow (S05 E23) - finale

He came alone, but left with many. His name is, Prometheus.

Rarely do we get a show that lost its way gain back its bearing. But that’s what Arrow did with itself this season, all thanks to a worthy villain, the kind we love to hate. 462 more words

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American Gods 1x04, "Git Gone"

A whole episode about Laura Moon! Whether you read the book or not, you probably have conflicting feelings about Laura. She’s the love of Shadow’s life, but she is no saint, which this episode reaffirms. 543 more words