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Midnight, Texas (S01E10) "The Virgin Sacrifice"

Here we are at the finale. Whether it’s the season finale or the series finale has yet to be determined. I certainly hope it will be renewed. 978 more words

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Midnight, Texans (S01E09) "Riders on the Storm"

Okay, so previously on Midnight, Texas we learned that the demon feeds on death, which sounds about right, dietarily speaking. I mean, it would be hard to be scared of a demon who feeds on Dunkin Donuts and moonlight. 1,006 more words

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AHS:CULT Ep.2 Podcast

Well, that episode was something wasn’t it? I can safely say that it managed to be better than the first episode which isn’t saying a whole lot. 144 more words

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Bachelor Australia 2017: Episode 16 - Elephant in the Room

So, I started this journey eight weeks ago, wanting to know – from an anthropological standpoint – what made Channel Ten viewers tune in to this program week after week, year after year. 3,368 more words


Bachelor Australia 2017: Episode 15 - Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Previously on The Font and Nursemaid Of My Merlot Addiction: everyone’s families were mean to Matty.

We open at a beach, where The Abs(TM) are enjoying the sunlight and taking a surf. 3,058 more words


The Strain: Zach Is Annoying, And Needs To Die

FX horror series, The Strain, currently in its fourth and final season, has had a good run. The story over the last four years has been compact, fun, straight forward – The need to defeat The Master – and free the world from his evil reign. 182 more words

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The Orville - Review

What if Galaxy Quest could have been a real show? 

                                    What if I told you that The Orville was that show? 

     When it was first announced, the entire concept of a show like The Orville seemed odd. 782 more words

Critics W/o Credentials