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'Chuck' fan recap: Morgan finds out

Season 3 | Episode 9 | “Chuck Versus the Beard” | Aired Mar 8, 2010

Chuck’s lies and secrets have been building for the last two and a half seasons, and they’ve finally come to a head. 991 more words

Dating Naked (Season 2 Episode 7) Review

Kerri is getting sick (probably from the germiness of naked people on an island). Justin brought her food and medicine on a tray while she was in bed resting. 596 more words

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'Face Off' fan recap: Closed-door policy

Season 9 | Episode 5 | “The Gatekeepers” | Aired Aug 25, 2015

It’s time for Face Off‘s first foundation challenge of the season. Each contestant is given a Rorschach ink blot. 858 more words


The new zombie spin-off of THE WALKING DEAD premiered last night. The biggest draw here for Walker fans is the shift in setting. The new series rewinds back to the initial zombie outbreak, focusing its story on a fractured family dealing with the first days of the Apocalypse. 972 more words

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Married to Medicine – Season 3 Episode 11 (Boys on the Side) Review

Quad Webb-Lunceford
Husband: Dr. Gregory Lunceford – Psychiatrist
Children: none

Quad says she isn’t going to say anything around Atlanta about Dr. Darren and his activities. 371 more words

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'Chuck' fan recap: Big little lies

Season 3 | Episode 8 | “Chuck Versus the Fake Name” | Aired Mar 1, 2010

In the last two and a half seasons, we’ve seen Chuck grow as a spy. 1,047 more words