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Doctor Who 'Thin Ice'

The Doctor and Bill get tangled up into a mystery involving missing people and lights under the ice!

One thing that I love about Doctor Who is the mystery solving and detective bits and that’s what we got. 235 more words


I Attempt Reviews: Iron Fist

Iron Fist: controversial it may have been, but you can take nothing away from the show as it is; a beautiful, well-made superhero story.

The final member of The Defenders to be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Netflix is Danny Rand, or the Iron Fist, played by Finn Jones. 427 more words


13 Reasons Why

Now, I’m not usually one for writing series reviews, in fact this goes down as the first, but I cannot help but share how wonderful and thought-consuming the outrageous honesty that prevails in this series is. 300 more words


The Night Shift

Good grief, you do not want to work in this hospital. There’s at least some kind of natural disaster, gunman, industrial accident or just general peril every night which the staff have to deal with. 563 more words


Doctor Who: Thin Ice Review

Thin Ice by Sarah Dollard

Warning: Minor Spoilers.

Maintaining the usual Who format, after giving a new companion a trip to the future, Bill gets one to the past as well in… 480 more words

TV Review

The Golden Girls (Season 2) (1986-87) ★★★★★ (out of 5)

Just as good (if not even better) than the groundbreaking first season, Season 2 of “The Golden Girls” has some of the show’s best episodes, like “End of the Curse,” “Ladies of the Evening” and “Isn’t it Romantic,” which all manage to elicit great laughs from the heartwarming material. 28 more words

TV Review: Ultraman Nexus (2004-2005)

Original Run: October 2nd, 2004 – June 25th, 2005 (Japan)
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Directed by: various
Written by: various
Music by: Kenji Kawai
Cast: 259 more words