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Catastrophe (Seasons 1-2)

While Netflix has proven itself worthy of quality television in its queue of original series, Amazon Prime still has something to prove. With Catastrophe, it gets a good start. 384 more words

TV Review

TV Review - House Of Cards: Pilot (minor spoilers!)

I know, I know, I’m four seasons late to the party on this one. I’d seen it on Netflix before, but never chosen to watch it for various reasons; mostly because a lot of my Netflix choices are often light-hearted comedies and easy-to-binge favourites. 382 more words


Reality TV Review: Ink Master Season 7 Finale

Firstly, I want to congratulate Anthony Michaels @antmike for  the new title as Ink Master. I had rooted for you in the beginning because you are a hard working; you owed up to your weaknesses; you stayed humble; you provided awesome customer service, and you lived up to the name of being an Ink Master. 681 more words



Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I’m back with another One Punch Man review. Today’s episode involves a ninja, a couple of shaved men in battle suits, and Saitama handling them both. 513 more words

TV: The Flash S02E23 Review – The Race of His Life

In the season two finale of The Flash, Zoom’s true final plan is revealed, the team at STAR Labs take the fight against Zoom into their own hands, the Man in the Mask is revealed and Barry changes time itself. 893 more words


TV: Gotham S02E22 Review – Transference

In the season two finale of Gotham, Clayface parades around as Jim Gordon in the GCPD, Hugo Strange is ordered to destroy Indian Hills, Nygma toys with Bruce and Fox and Fish Mooney orchestrates her escape. 778 more words


Superhero Showdown #17

May 16 – 20 

An undercurrent of hope ran through the superhero-riddled lane this week. From Oliver Queen realizing the power of hope to Barry Allen who had a little too much hope, to the Agents of SHIELD trying to rediscover hope, and the not so Legends of Tomorrow seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 2,295 more words