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How the TV Show "Dexter" Should've Ended

Hey! I wrote this a long time ago for a now defunct blog I was running about my ideas to redeem bad movies/tv shows and I found it on a random word document and still love this theory so I decided I would repost it here. 987 more words


Netflix Review- Homeland

This review is going to have some spoilers, so you have been warned.
I have spoken to many people who kind of got into HOMELAND in the first season, but lost interest in the second season. 844 more words

Mr. Robot S2Ep8 Review

(Source: tvguide.com)

Episode eight of Mr. Robot offered quite a mixed bag of interactions and emotions this time around, and just as we got a dark revelation at the end of last week’s episode, this episode had a dark revelation of its own. 601 more words


The Get Down: Season 1 -Review

Costing Netflix a reported ten million dollars per episode, it’s fair to say that the modern streaming giants would be expecting a quality show and for me Baz Luhrmann’s billet doux to the hot, sweaty, bright n’ funky South Bronx of 1977 delivers and left me with several songs stuck in my head and immediately wanting Season 2 (thankfully arriving in 2017). 388 more words


TV: Noob’s take on Book One of Avatar

When Avatar: The Last Airbender first started airing in 2005, I was nine years old. One would think, and I have thought this many a times, that this show would be right up my ballpark. 670 more words



Bookdragons, cinephiles, bingewatchers, introverts, nerds, geeks, fangirls/fanboys all want something-whether those things could be to read a book, to get a funko, to watch a movie, to get high grades, to have a good life, to have fandom merch. 339 more words