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ONE PIECE REVIEW:A Difficult Fight for Luffy! The Snake Sisters Haki Power!!

Warning. If you have some kind of irrational fear of snakes this episode may not be for you. Well, in this episode, Luffy squares off Boa Hancock’s “little” sisters. 394 more words


Throwback Thursday-Law And Order (1990-2010)

The cop/courtroom drama has been around since the beginning of television. The question is, will the television program be the same dry procedural show that audiences have become so used to, or will there be a twist that keeps the audience engaged until the credits roll? 129 more words


Prison Break Season 5 Episode 8: ‘ Progeny’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

This episode we pick up with Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, and Whip who are all floating on a lifeboat somewhere in the Medeteranian. 970 more words


'Shadowhunters' 2x13 Review: 'Those of Demon Blood'

By Beata (Contributor)

Shadowhunters has been me feel a lot of different things in the last year and a half. Frustration and disappointment, mainly, but also anticipation. 1,502 more words


Parks and Recreation Season 1

This is a show I have heard a lot about and it is supposed to be very funny which is something I like it a show, so after finding some time to watch the whole series I have finally finished the first season. 437 more words

TV Review: iZombie Episode 311 "Conspiracy Weary"

Eeeeeeek. This was my favorite episode this season for sure. It may be my favorite of the entire series.

I love Blaine. My opinion of him as varied as the series progressed but I always felt like the others never gave him enough credit. 467 more words

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ONE PIECE REVIEW:Heartless Judgment! Margaret is Turned to Stone!!

Gentlemen if you ever find yourself in the shower with a woman somehow by accident, whatever you do, don’t look at her back. Darn it, Luffy! 283 more words