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Fear the Walking Dead - "The Good Man" - On Air Review (Season Finale)

Mike, Jesus, Brancey, Kristin and Briana got together tonight to review the Season One finale of Fear the Walking Dead. It’s hard to believe that everyone agreed with each other except for Jesus. 56 more words


Home Fires Review

War will often bring out the best or the worst in humanity. It forces us to accept a new reality and challenges we might not previously considered. 216 more words


Nolo Contendere - The Return of Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch Mysteries returned tonight for season 9 and I for one am very excited for the new season to start up again!

Caution: Spoilers!

Season 8 ended rather dramatically with Constable (and soon to be Detective) George Crabtree being arrested for the murder of his fiancee’s back-from-the-dead husband Archibald Brooks (what did I tell you, dramatic!). 247 more words


Common Culture {Sense8, Netflix Original Series}

Netflix’s new brainchild is splashy as hell, sweeping across the internet like a color-soaked tidal wave. What can’t be determined for certain is what pulls people in to the Wachowski sibling’s extravagantly imaginative world. 356 more words


Blindspot Episode 2: 5 Things We Learned

Episode 2 of NBC’s Blindspot brought more clues, a few explosions and a gun battle, culminating in a possible connection between the two lead characters. Let’s recap with 5 things we learned Monday night. 417 more words

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The Strain S02E13: Night Train Review/Recap

Director(s): Vincenzo Natali
Carlton Cuse, Chuck Hogan

Be Warned; Major Spoilers!

Plot: As Eph leaves New York with Zach and Nora, the battle for the… 776 more words


Carry on SCREAMing

I am aware that being in my early thirties I’m probably not the target audience for a show like Scream, which was originally shown on MTV and had the little bubbles coming up at the bottom of the screen telling you which cool band performed the cool track currently playing in the background – then it turned up on Netflix, and I loved the movies (Particularly 1 and 4), and was also a massive fan of Harpers island which similarly took scary movie conventions and applied them to a TV mini-series (Sully for the win). 2,061 more words