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Comments from investors and industry executives; I am an independent with a great script, how can I get funding -

… or my TV show sent to series, if I do not have a box office talent attached to my project, access to investors, network executives or an accredited production company to help me? 632 more words

Bidwell Tyler

A Little Bargain

OK, today is one of those days where I have to make a bargain to write. I tell myself to do at least ten sentences. I used to do five, which is good, but I can do more than the old bargain. 105 more words

A Brother Will Work It Out

Who's Reading "A Scourge of Vipers" Now? Mystery Writer and TV Producer Lee Goldberg!

Lee Goldberg is a prolific writer of both crime novels and TV scripts, including 15 “Monk” novels based on the TV show of the same name.  100 more words

Monday with a Chance of Rain

Outside looks gloomy, ready to drop rain at any moment. The weather man says 50% chance of rain. As long as its not muggy and hot. 114 more words

A Brother Will Work It Out

Creating Your Film Producer's Package

Having a great script is no longer enough when seeking funding or pitching to industry executives. In today’s industry, investors and industry executives will want to know as much about the business side of producing the project as they do the script. 589 more words
Bidwell Tyler

The Quiet Night, The Quiet Mind 

Yesterday, during the day, writing didn’t get done. Found myself in the mix of a few errands, lists of distractions, and no writing. I knew the task ahead of me–a few days ago I rewrote five pages for the A story in act three. 132 more words