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Creating Your Film Producer's Package

Having a great script is no longer enough, but having a great script and experienced producers with access to investors and industry executives will allow you to compete for funding of your feature film. 604 more words
Bidwell Tyler

The Quiet Night, The Quiet Mind 

Yesterday, during the day, writing didn’t get done. Found myself in the mix of a few errands, lists of distractions, and no writing. I knew the task ahead of me–a few days ago I rewrote five pages for the A story in act three. 132 more words


A Quick Saturday Post 

It’s Saturday, and the sun appears to be hiding, which means less heat. This place can be an inferno of discomfort. So yes to less discomfort. 110 more words


Thursday is a Good Day

Today is a nice day. The weather is a bit on the verge of the storm with the sun hiding. Were this winter, I think this would be dreary weather. 165 more words


Ain't Got No Remedy

The title refers to the song on my playlist at the moment. It’s by R&B recording artist Shanice. She has a very dynamic vocal range. 143 more words


Late, Late Posting

The past week’s been trying and a tragedy. Focus has been in short quality for the last few days. Made myself look over the revisions, I did and putting them together. 184 more words


Intimidation Game

Script revisions should be fun, a challenge, and one gets lost in the mix, right? it was the general fantasy I was aiming for, however, I took a turn somewhere left of Albuquerque.  214 more words