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Bob's Burgers (S08E02) "The Silence of Louise"

Plot Summary:

Mr. Frond’s therapy dolls are mysteriously attacked; Louise teams up with Millie to help solve the case; Teddy decides to get into the inspirational poster business. 413 more words

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D. Gray Man Allen Wakes Up

D. Gray Man next chapter is out and we have Allen getting control of his body again learning that the 14th has had some time to take a spin. 33 more words


Seven Deadly Sins Never Count Out The Sins

So the last time we left the Seven Deadly Sins Chandler was here to collect Meliodas. Something the Sins will not allow but against the powerful demon and there heavy hitters out of commotion it doesn’t look good. 32 more words


Good Behavior (S02E01) “The Heart Attack Is the Best Way”

                     credit: @tumblr

Wowzah! What a start to another phenomenal season! Written by Chad Hodge and directed by Mikkel Norgaard.

I felt as if we were being lead back into a mob movie with the way Javi and Letty were behaving. 934 more words

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Valor: Not Your Typical CW Show

At first glance, CW’s new show Valor looks like something that could be easily shown on any one of the major networks. Its youthful cast and penchant for using music over dialogue in climatic moments its only real stand outs from its predecessors. 251 more words

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Full Metal Alchemist Live Action Movie NYC Screening

Anime New York Convention is in for a treat as Full Metal Alchemist Live Action Movie is coming for a screening. Now I know it has been awhile since we spook of the movie but they have been making some progress.  46 more words


It's Baaaacckk: "Slasher 2: Guilty Party"

If you’ve seen the first season of “Slasher”, you are ahead of the game, and ready for season 2. If you haven’t, why not, hmmmm??? It’s one of the best who-dun-its in a long time. 421 more words

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