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Carlos, Rey Emperador: Episode 13 Review

Being a woman is not always easy, but I can safely say that there is only one thing worse than giving birth nowadays: giving birth in the 16th century. 1,730 more words


"Mr. Robot": Fight Club As A TV Show? Finally!

A TV show about a hacker who wants to fight capitalism and hates Marvel movies? With “Mr. Robot” I coulnd’t resist to watch the whole first season in a marathon. 600 more words

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Jessica Jones Review S1E5: The Sandwich Saved Me

Five episodes in and Jessica Jones has got me hooked! This show finds ways to make each and every episode better than the last. I think it even convinced me to watch Daredevil. 420 more words

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The Odd Couple(2015-, TV Series)

Firstly, I must confess I’ve only watched like three seasons of Friends. I did enjoy it, but it just wasn’t the right time to start watching a 10 seasons show during finals. 390 more words

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Jessica Jones Review S1E4: 99 Friends

With 4 episodes behind us, Jessica Jones is getting better and better. ’99 Friends’ steadily advances the story, but it has a few major focus points and jaw-dropping moments. 409 more words

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