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Chicago PD (S04E15): "Favor, Affection, Malice, Or Ill-Will"

I really enjoyed this episode of Chicago PD. It felt fresh and exciting, but also it had a simplistic quality to it which can be nice for this kind of high action TV series. 204 more words

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TV Review: Travelers Season 1 (Spoilers)

Time travel is a subject matter that has been explored time and time again, not just in literature, but in television shows as well. In fact, this television season has seen an unprecedented number of time traveling shows, all the way from veterans such as “Doctor Who” and “12 Monkeys” (whose current seasons are still yet to air), all the way to new shows such as “Timeless”, “Time After Time” and “Making History”.  1,304 more words

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Star: (S01E09) "Alibi"

Star is sleeping outside at Hunter’s poolside.  After quitting the group she “ran away from home”, because the girls didn’t stand with her during the Jahil appointment of Eva to the group. 502 more words

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Legion (S01E03) "Chapter 3"


Legion (S01E03) “Chapter 3”

There is no holding back on the bizarre factor that surrounds this series. The start of this episode is a minefield of not so distant memories and precious psyches on the brink of collapse. 925 more words

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Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 2 of Voltron: Legendary Defender has finished. Its time to re-watch the original.  If you haven’t watched the new series, I suggest you check it out in Netflix. 7 more words


The Magicians (S02E05) "Cheat Day" Review

I’m going to review this episode by story line just to save time. Penny doesn’t get into much trouble today but his hands are still giving him problems. 820 more words

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NCIS-NOLA: (S03E15) "End of the Line"

With bells tolling and music playing in the square, it’s noisy and business as usual in N’Awlins. Then a cable car driver sees Chief Karen Decker strung up, mutilated and hanging in crucifix. 379 more words

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