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Better Call Saul S01E08 "Rico" - Grog's TV Review

Director: Colin Bucksey
Writer: Gordon Smith

Grog’s Review:

This is a SPOILER FILLED review. Watch the episode and then come back.

This episode of Better Call Saul taught us that all lawyers are dicks. 493 more words

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The Walking Dead S05E15 "Try" - Grog's TV Review

Grog’s Review:

This is a SPOILER FILLED review. Watch the episode, then come back.

We’ve got one episode left. Last episode gave us a pivotal shift between the Alexandria OG Club and Rick’s Band of Badasses (and Carl). 682 more words

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Review - Poldark - Episode 3

When/Where: BBC One, 22 March, 9.00pm

I am loving Poldark.

The third episode of this new BBC drama was packed to the brim with exciting storylines and my previous indifference to some of the characters is fading. 707 more words

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Angel Beats! : Anime Review

Hello, hello, TJS fans! So lately, I haven’t been able to find any other good movies to do a review on, so I figured, why not test my wings on something else? 563 more words

Farewell Glee

As you know, especially if you follow me on Twitter, that last night was the two-hour series finale of the hit FOX show, Glee.  While I can say that my life was not affected by the show in a major way, it still holds a place in my heart because I have come to love the characters of the show… even ones that I previously hated. 508 more words


Friday Special : Frequently Asked Questions

Were content creators, so we know it’s a bit of a one way street when it comes to the blog. We know you have questions. We do to, but while we answer our questions with reviews we know that’s not the case for everything, so today we present a special Friday post, Frequently Asked Questions. 409 more words

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iZombie (2015-?)

iZombie (2015-?)




Rose McIver

Malcolm Goodwin

Rahul Kohli


A medical student finds that being a zombie has its perks, which she uses to assist the police. 134 more words

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