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13 Reasons Why: A Review

I’ve been really busy these past few weeks because of school stuff, but ya girl’s also excited because it’s going to be her last year in college! 440 more words


Top 3 TV Shows to Watch

Gilmore Girls

Genre: Comedy-Drama

Number of Seasons: 7 + reunion special

Air Date: 2000 – 2007, reunion special: 2016


Gilmore Girls is my favourite show of all time! 496 more words



I don’t usually talk about TV shows or movies on my blog but, today I had to. Ther show I’m talking about is Rise, Rise is a show on NBC that deals with LGBTQ+  issues and is a phenomenal show. 167 more words

Mental Health

Who I Am and What This Blog Is

Hi, my name is Brave Warrior, but you can call me Warrior. I’ve earn the name ‘Warrior’ because of what I’ve survived and overcame. As my friend told me, I’ve been surviving since day one. 769 more words

Cerebral Palsy

This is a very long post title naming my five favorite fictional characters of all time

This list contains my five favorite fictional characters of all time. They contain the best of all time characters no one else’s list can compare the list I have. 33 more words


Movie Tropes that I Hate.

I’ve been watching quite a lot of TV & Movies lately, so I though I would share which movie tropes I can’t stand and see if any of you feel the same! 586 more words