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Charmed (Reboot)--Season 1 Finale (The Source Awakens)

Now that the three main big bads—Fiona, Alastair and Hunter have been vanquished, the finale focuses on saving Macy from herself as she has surprisingly but fittingly become the Source. 1,916 more words

TV Shows

Happy Friday!

Image courtesy of Jean-Marc Buytaert

We’ve nearly made it through another week – at least those of us who work conventional hours have. Here are some quick tips and recent observations to celebrate the coming weekend. 746 more words

Cut Expenses

If My Book Were a Movie

I suppose every author dreams of what their literary creation would look like, should it ever be fortunate enough to graze the silver screen, and in this case, I’m no exception. 728 more words

My top ten favourite shows

Hey everyone!

I am back, this time, with a post going through my top ten favourite shows. Some of these are old and some are new, but they all made a space in my heart, not trying to be cheesy or anything. 759 more words

Doctor Who

Video Killed the Radio Star

I love TV. When I say I love TV, I mean I LOVE TV. I love watching TV. I love talking about shows on TV. I love those courtroom shows that always come on at the same time as The Price is Right. 377 more words

Subverting a story and falling on your face

When I sat down at my desk to start work the other day, one of my colleagues came to my cubicle to tell me how disappointed they were with the finale of Game of Thrones. 253 more words

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