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Hunk, Paladin of the Yellow Lion

This kind, brave young spaceknight won over the hearts of many as he saved the galaxy from the Galra. 200 more words

The Wandering One

Away - Season 1

is the newest Netflix TV space drama. Hilary Swank commands an international crew on the first manned mission to Mars. She also has a lot of family drama (as does everyone on this crew). 504 more words

TV Shows

On10/1/20 #Dateline Airs Tallahassee Trap via @stacyamiller85 @DatelineNBC #DanMarkel

Dateline airs an all new two hour episode “Tallahassee Trap” on Thursday, October 1, 2020. 146 more words

TV Shows

#MysteriesDecoded Witches of Salem: Revisited Preview via @stacyamiller85 @TheCW @Jenn13Jenn13

The investigative documentary series Mysteries Decoded delves deep into some of America’s greatest unsolved mysteries, exploring newly discovered evidence and utilizing high-tech tools in each case. 154 more words

TV Shows

G: V+V = X; 0-0 = U; V=U

Question: X = ?

Audience: Wait a minute…?

But seriously.

Too many died, inside, outside, both…

It is …

People1: But how does he know all of this, how did he put all of this together, for real? 194 more words

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