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Debunking TV technology

There are lots of crime shows on television, and some of them, CSI, Crossing Lines, Law and Order, and Castle use algorithms to find clues in images, usually those acquired from CCTV cameras. 351 more words

Image Processing

LG shows off super-thin OLED screen that sticks to your wall with magnets

TORONTO – Today’s average 55-inch TVs are impressively thin, especially considering how much TV technology has changed over the last 10 years. But nothing holds a candle to LG Display’s latest prototype – an extremely thin OLED display that sticks to your wall with a magnetic mat. 317 more words


UHD is TV's next big thing. So why is the industry divided?

We’ve had gigantic TVs, curved TVs, 3D TVs, even TVs that can bend with the press of a button. TV makers tend to bring all their latest gimmicks to one-up each other at the annual CES show in Las Vegas. 971 more words

TV makers focus design on growing online viewership

LAS VEGAS – Does anyone just watch TV anymore? The dramatic shift toward online and mobile viewing is driving television set makers to design as much for streaming video as for watching broadcast or cable channels. 881 more words


The TV Tech Tour Part 2

Since the first TV Tech Tour Blog Post in September, I have become a bit more used to working with the new director’s board. It probably also helps that now things are routed properly, so what you see is actually what you get! 55 more words

TENacious Cohort

The TV Tech Tour

Have I experienced any changes in my IT fluency level? Hmm. Let me think about that for a second.

The Backdrop

While I’m thinking, watch these video (or not because I’m rather long-winded) that show some of the current technology I use on the job every day. 787 more words

TENacious Cohort

Are ultra high-definition TVs worth buying now?

(CNN) — It’s the latest and greatest in TV technology, but what can an ultra HD TV do that your existing set cannot? And is it worth it to purchase one now? 231 more words