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Garry Shandling

I really enjoyed It’s Garry Shandling’s Show back in the 80s.  (It was on Showtime the same night as Brothers, which was also really funny and had a great theme song.)  It was kind of odd and subversive and had a great deal of fun with subverting the sitcom genre.   78 more words


As Seen on TV: "Humanism"

Am I the only one who thinks this is the coolest theme song to come around in years?

Television theme songs might be a dying art form, but don’t tell Jean Batiste & Stay Human that.   69 more words


A Peek Inside My Brain

I don’t pretend to fully understand how my brain works.  Although I can usually connect the dots between Point A and Point B, sometimes the route is so twisted and obscure that even I can’t make it out.   139 more words


Lalo Schifrin: A Musical Master

The name may not ring a bell but his music sure will. Born on June 21, 1932 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began studying the piano at age six. 233 more words


Top 5 Songs: Flight of the Conchords

I’ve been re-watching Flight of the Conchords and thought it would be fun to write a post on my favourite songs by them. Now I’m not being lazy by choosing to do a top five rather than a top ten, I just thought choosing… 406 more words