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Adventures In Digital Series Land - Chapter 100: Setting Goals: Beat Sheets and Lip Syncing

So I’m deep in production on the new series. Last week I recorded and edited all the voiceovers. Actually did ’em twice.  First time around, something just wasn’t clicking. 385 more words

Web Series

Review: Gilmore Girls – Season 2, Episode 5 “Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy”


JEN lies facedown on the beach, unmoving. Her clothes are tattered, her hair wet and matted. Blood trickles slowly from the corner of her mouth and drips onto the pristine white sand. 1,107 more words

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Review: Gotham – Season 1, Episode 19 “Beasts of Prey”

When I was about 9 my parents took us to visit family in Boston. During that trip, we all went out to Plymouth to take in Plymouth Plantation and the various other “Colonial American” tourist traps that permeate New England. 1,688 more words

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“What’s the Truth?”

Author’s Note

The Stoop has always been about books. However, great stories come in many forms and Matthew Weiner and the Mad Men team are superb writers and extraordinary storytellers. 829 more words

Adventures In Digital Series Land - Chapter 99: The Levitation Trick

The past two weeks have been intense–writing, writing, writing and more writing. I’m a few days away from finally starting production and I. Am. PSYCHED! I completed 20 episodes of the new series, the trailer, plus an additional 30 episodes of a tiny mini-series I’m launching around the same time.  388 more words

Web Series

Applications Out the Wazoo

One of my favorite pastimes senior year of High School was applying to colleges.

I’m not even kidding a little bit, as weird as it sounds. 522 more words

Spring Showcase Writer #7: Ari Berkowitz

Ariana (Ari) Berkowitz sent us a short script called “Potty Mouth” that was so strange and smart that we had to take it. We tried to describe it to friends— 276 more words