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Reality Check

Now that I’m facing all these new changes, I have to be more realistic of what I’ll be able to do in regards to submitting to contests and attending ¬†festivals. 361 more words

I'm Still Here!

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I promise that I’m not quitting this writing thing! I’ve just been going through a lot of changes and trying to adjust to it. 204 more words

A Much Needed Vacation

This week I’m enjoying some needed time away from work. Unfortunately, I won’t be on a beach or out of the state of Ohio, but I’ll take what I can get. 143 more words

Feedback Has Arrived!

Earlier this week, I submitted my latest draft to WeScreenplay competition/coverage service. They said it would take up to three weeks and to my surprise I received my five pages of notes in under a week. 328 more words

Birth of a Nation, Nate Parker and Fox. Hmmmm.....Know your brand.

These are  about 6 large companies who own all Mass Media in the USA.
The Walt Disney Company
Time Warner
CBS Corporation
Viacom… 1,209 more words

Gender & Race

Sending My Baby Out into the World... Again

A couple of days ago, I finally completed my latest draft to my TV pilot. It is not perfect, but it’s at the point where I’ve changed it enough that I’m ready to get some feedback. 243 more words

Well... That Didn't Last Long

I’m no longer participating in the BlueCat writing challenge. Nothing against the challenge or the people who are involved in it. Let me explain… 262 more words