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Food chemists ... TV writer chemists?

Several years ago, someone wrote a book describing food chemists. Apparently, people in the food industry have discovered a certain combination of fats, salt, and sugar that makes people want to eat more and more. 124 more words

Rip Me A Yarn, Stat: Buffy, Stories & The Toybox

There is nothing wrong with a good story.

Say it again. One more time.

There is nothing wrong with a good story.

I, , do solemnly swear that there is nothing wrong with a good story. 1,659 more words


How basic math can make you a better writer

When Emmy-winner Stephen J. Cannell died in 2010 his IMDB credits were extensive. I can’t image many others who wrote 450 TV episodes or produced more than 1,500 episodes. 258 more words


HBO Fellowship Deadline Approaching

I have deadlines and I’ve been procrastinating. I hate that I procrastinate. I really need to get my script in top shape for the HBO Fellowship… 146 more words

Finding The Right Frequency

The first time one of my stories written for television, actually made it on television, was a huge shock to me. The director didn’t call or send a check in the mail. 375 more words

BOS Fashion

If New Slow Cooker Recipes Were Pitched the Same Way as Television Programs


A swell office, if you like IKEA furniture and clear glass awards. Oh, and posters of old, classic slow cooker recipes that the person sitting behind the desk wishes he was involved in developing. 473 more words

Gilmore Girls Is Over. Move On. [SPOILER-FREE]

Having been only 8 years old when Gilmore Girls first premiered in 2000, I didn’t first watch the series until a few years after it ended. 912 more words

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