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Televisions Rise from the Ashes

Television has once again reached a golden age. Yes, I am talking about the same TV that airs pristine programs such as “Real Housewives” and “Teen Mom”. 231 more words

Golden Age

everybody blogs but Dan Harmon poops

I can’t sleep these days. No, it’s not because I have “so many ideas” like that lady you keep seeing at all those writer’s events. It’s because I just got back from India and I’m really freaking jet-lagged. 467 more words

Dan Harmon

How to get into TV & Film in Canada

  • My advice is twofold:

1.  Look for a day job in film.

Anyone interested in film and TV should work in it even for a short time – in any capacity!   737 more words

About Writing

Can we please stop having all Latin characters say "Ay Dios Mio?"

It’s cool that TV is trying to be more inclusive of Latin/Hispanic actors, but goddamn would I  like to watch a show where I don’t have to cringe because the one Latin actor on the show just dropped an ” Ay Dios mio” or “You,  fuckin’  355 more words

New Beginnings

This fall, I finally listened to the voice in my head that to told me I should give TV Writing a try. I’ve always heard the voice but didn’t think I was capable of actually writing my own show. 1,109 more words

Day 97, 98, 99 & 100 : Refresh

While work is on full throttle for crowd funding, I am yet to find peace with a single vocation.

So lets look back, shall we? Since I’ve cut loose, I’ve written content for apps and websites, done graphic designing and created infographics, did a marketing plan for a non profit serving injured armed forces personnel (Which I believe is not going to see the light of day anytime soon), a marketing plan for a sports marketing company (which I believe will not have the budgets to execute any plan anytime soon), wrote a script for a fashion based TV show, started writing a TV show (WIP)  and learnt a bit of commercial photography. 362 more words

The Angst

CWC Podcast Ep8: Bob Goodman on Writing Superheroes for TV

Bob Goodman shares his wonderful advice about breaking into writing for television. He talks about breaking in as a writers assistance, production assistant (PA), script coordinator, or any way you can get a foot into the industry, as jobs often go to those on the inside. 153 more words