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ConStar Clicks

The 2015-16 TV season is fast approaching, and with that comes endless articles on various trends and the state of television today. This week’s ConStar Clicks features a few of those articles and a couple of older ones.  396 more words

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Are Black male writers Erasing the "Black Couple" on TV and Film?

The TV Show black-‘ish’s episode 23 “Elephant in the room”  was brilliant.  If you haven’t seen the show, the structure is basically from Dre’s (the father who works in advertising) perspective.   1,812 more words

Black Women

Parks and Recreation Showrunner on Naming Characters

“We had a rule at “Parks and Rec” that every character had to have a first and last name regardless of whether they had one line or no lines — any casting had to have a complete name. 147 more words

True Detective: What Went Wrong?

I didn’t watch season one of True Detective when it aired. A few months after it finished, I decided to finally give it a shot by logging into the HBO GO on my iPad Mini. 676 more words

TV Writing

The 3 Most Pointless Scenes from True Detective

So I’ve done my main review, but I wanted to mention a few weird things that really stuck out during this season of True Detective. 878 more words


Top Ten Careers That Are Easier Than Becoming a TV Staff Writer

Today I’ve decided to have a little fun with my frustrations regarding my so called “television writing career”.

Here’s my list of alternate careers that I’ve contemplated… that might actually be easier than becoming a staffed TV writer. 298 more words

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Television: The New Frontier

Everyone is talking about the new Golden Age of television. With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and the plethora of other streaming networks throwing their hats into the ring, not to mention the smaller cable networks like F/X, The CW, and AMC creating original content, now is a great time to be a TV writer. 340 more words

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