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Westworld: Evil Pricks

I was in the process of writing an article about the awesome way Westworld uses its own story to teach people about good storytelling, when this line from last night’s episode reminded me of something I wanted to talk about for a long time. 2,249 more words


Luke Cage: Invulnerable Skin, Vulnerable Story

We originally met Luke Cage in Jessica Jones where he was tending bar in Hell’s Kitchen, the man with unbreakable skin. Much like Superman this presents a problem for the writers: how do you generate any kind of danger when the character is invulnerable. 2,137 more words


Hollywood etiquette tips for new writers

The following is a reprint from an article published on The Daily T.Lo:

MC Foley is the coordinator of the Writers Guild of America’s Showrunner’s Program, which trains TV writers to run their own shows. 394 more words


Break Into TV Writing

Daily Dose: TV Writing

Thinking of writing for television? Checkout these tips on how to focus your writer’s mind to the medium. 70 more words


Reality Check

Now that I’m facing all these new changes, I have to be more realistic of what I’ll be able to do in regards to submitting to contests and attending  festivals. 361 more words

I'm Still Here!

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I promise that I’m not quitting this writing thing! I’ve just been going through a lot of changes and trying to adjust to it. 204 more words

A Much Needed Vacation

This week I’m enjoying some needed time away from work. Unfortunately, I won’t be on a beach or out of the state of Ohio, but I’ll take what I can get. 143 more words