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Special Needs, Dropping Trou and TV Writing

You may or may not know that I’m a special needs aide for a public middle school. I’m not sure what is further from my Hollywood writing days of yore – working at a middle school or working with kids like Midu, who only know 50 words of Hindi, no English and are more comfortable dropping trou in front of me than the time “Actor Who Won’t be Named” thought it was perfectly acceptable to unzip his pants while I was handing him pink rewrite pages. 482 more words

‘I never saw myself as a sitcom person, but I was waiting tables...’—Hit Sitcom Writer

“I never saw myself as a sitcom person, but I was waiting tables and I was like I have to figure out something and I wrote this script that was super dark, but when I put it into Charlie’s hands or Glenn’s they made it funny and I realized this could actually be a sitcom. 555 more words


BFI / Radio Times TV Festival - The Crown & a TV writing masterclass

A few weekends ago saw my first visit to the BFI & Radio Times TV Festival – and that’s hardly a surprise, because it’s a brand new festival. 1,086 more words

Reading & Writing

A Writer's Perspective On Why '13 Reasons Why' Gets Mental Illness Right

I’ve read the book. I’ve watched the show. I’ve read the articles and the comments and my friends’ reactions to the story.

As a writer, I am disappointed that so many people aren’t seeing this show the way it was meant to be seen. 1,203 more words

Meg Dowell

Food chemists ... TV writer chemists?

Several years ago, someone wrote a book describing food chemists. Apparently, people in the food industry have discovered a certain combination of fats, salt, and sugar that makes people want to eat more and more. 124 more words

Rip Me A Yarn, Stat: Buffy, Stories & The Toybox

There is nothing wrong with a good story.

Say it again. One more time.

There is nothing wrong with a good story.

I, , do solemnly swear that there is nothing wrong with a good story. 1,659 more words


How basic math can make you a better writer

When Emmy-winner Stephen J. Cannell died in 2010 his IMDB credits were extensive. I can’t image many others who wrote 450 TV episodes or produced more than 1,500 episodes. 258 more words