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Spec Script Sunday - iZombie

Okay, so, Spec Script Sunday isn’t really a thing (yet), but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it. ;o) This will be for the show iZombie and has spoilers for seasons 1 and 2 so if you haven’t seen the show, A) What the heck are you waiting for, it’s awesome! 2,766 more words


‘Failure is generally funnier than success’

One thing we know is that failure is generally funnier than success. Every once in a while, we get to the point in the story where the guys in the show have a big win, and then we sit down and say: ‘Let’s write three episodes where things are going great for them.’ And we just can’t do it.

59 more words

Power: The Mythology, History and Predictions

Its all coming full circle now, I see where its all leading to. These characters are becoming new people, who their going to be when the show ends. 1,153 more words

The Script Lab: Screenwriting Summit.

While most of the Austinites were complaining of Cabin Fever this weekend – I’ll admit, I absolutely LOVED having an excuse to stay indoors and do whatever I wanted (even though, let’s face it, there aren’t really many rules around Casa de Blanche). 551 more words

Holly A. Phillips

Know Your Local Writer: Katiedid Langrock

Welcome to the fifth in a series of interviews with Athens-area writers.  The hope is to inform you about new techniques you might want to try, increase your knowledge of the individuals in your community, and inspire you on your path.  2,375 more words


Stop Me If You’ve Seen This Before by Chuck Thurston

I have a friend who has done a lot of writing in various media. And I’m talking Hollywood and TV network prime time script writing stuff, etc. 385 more words


Pausing the Dream

So, apparently the brain doesn’t have just TWO acute stress responses, but THREE:

  1. Fight
  2. Flight
  3. Freeze

Did you know this? Ya, me neither.

The first couple years in LA were a fluctuation between fight and flight responses with a heavy concentration on flight. 548 more words