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Get ready boys and girls, hard times are coming from the Trump-Eugenics Party

“Why yes, I eat children…so what?”

Far be it for me to say something bad about Donald Trump, I mean, as you know I’ve been avoiding bad news by watching… 511 more words


The Republican Nightmare Continues.

Valdez Exon: The Republican Gift That Keeps Giving.

So I lose another friend over this Trump nightmare. She’s buying into the conspiracy shit that Trump is some kind of underground savior working behind the scenes to stop child molesters in the Deep State running America. 344 more words


The Conspiracy That Gave Us Today's Republican Party.

This documentary shows how the Republicans have been motivated for the last 50 years. Notice the “Reduced” government, “local” (or privatized) schools, and then they say do away with the Federal Reserve, but “don’t hand it over to the US Government….” … 36 more words


I'm White and Now Voting Trump. I've Had Enough!

I haven’t posted in a few days.  And why for not?  Or is that, what for you?   Seems my mind has gone Donald Trump; that place where reality doesn’t matter, for truth is what I say it is, not what it is.   429 more words


Time for a New Deal, Again.

Twelve more years! That is what they yelled at Donald Trumps last rally. The last and only president to serve twelve years was Franklin D Roosevelt. 143 more words


The 'nalds of Democracy

So much to write about but not enough to say. That’s the matrix-glitch we are entering. Donald Trump is hosting the Republican National Convention without… Republicans. 599 more words


God has had enough and wants His Republican Party back

So here we are in our world filled with changes. So many I know not where to start. Okay, how about here: Melania Trump has changed the rose garden from a colorful array of brightness and light, to a sombre display of dark macabre to match her husbands darkness. 321 more words