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SHARK Razes TVM's Mak in Elgea; Racks Up First Siege

Top-ranked Illyriad alliance Dark Shade registered its first raze in the Newlands war, making quick work of a siege on TVM’s Mak in the northern Elgean region of Ragallon. 137 more words


SHARK Breaks Key Siege at BayNights' City of Campagnolo in Newlands

DSD’s full-scale siege effort on SHARK co-leader BayNights’ city of Campagnolo has been broken. The Times witnessed the dissolution of the siege firsthand, which was officially recalled by 19:45 ST. 333 more words


[UPDATED] TVM-Intercepted Vans at Campagnolo Siege Reveal Pico's Alt Supplied City From MOON

Evidence has been presented to the Times revealing that SHARK Shadow Council member Pico’s alt account LePue was caught by TVM forces at the siege of Campagnolo running supplies to the besieged city yesterday. 793 more words


BayNights' City of Campagnolo Weathers 2 Days of TVM Volleys; Still Intact

Defying the odds of a Newlands peninsula clearly stacked in favor of TVM forces, SHARK has managed to stretch their Broken Lands forces over the past 48 hours in a rigorous defense of their co-leader BayNights’ city of Campagnolo in an intense siege standoff. 278 more words


SHARK Looks To Counter RE Razing With Siege in Northern Elgea

A new siege has posted in the Herald as part of the ongoing war between DSD and SHARK over the control of the Newlands. After the successful sieging of a SHARK city in Aindara yesterday, and indications that… 161 more words


TVM Sets Up Heavily Blockaded Siege Against SHARK's Baynights in Newlands

TVM has initiated its fourth siege in the past three days, and for the first time has targeted one of the SHARK cities located in TVM’s land claim, sparking the conflict that has led to the Newlands War. 285 more words