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Striking market gold at Burleigh Heads

The Gold Coast has long been known as Queensland’s glitter strip, but take a lazy Sunday stroll through The Village Markets at Burleigh Heads and you’ll get a very different view. 402 more words


ANALYSIS: TVM Creating Deep BL, Land Claim Diplomatic Network

One of the oldest Elgean alliance’s move to recreate itself as a Broken Lands power broker is moving quietly but resolutely to build a web of strong diplomatic connections in the BL based in large part on the land claim effort. 433 more words


TVM, Stomp Spar in Northmarch; Valdorum Under Siege

Trivium and Stomp are set to do battle for the first time in the Broken Lands, with TVM managing to set down a siege camp on Valdorum’s recently exodused city in Northmarch. 379 more words


Ron Fey's Exo'ed City From Newlands Arrives Back in Elgea

On June 19th, The Times reported on Stomp member Ron Fey’s exodus move out of the Newslands to avoid a Trivium siege. After a four or five-day sojourn, the city has touched down in Elgea. 95 more words


Stomp Exoduses City Out of Newlands To Aviod TVM Siege; Whereabouts Unknown

Dark Shade warrior Ron Fay joined Stomp on June 17th, purportedly to forward Stomp’s cause and help defend Odo’s cities in western Elgea. What he may not have counted on was a quick-response siege from Trivium. 179 more words


The Best Calculators for Economics Majors

I’ve seen plenty of places talk about which calculators we should all use for science, engineering, finance, and real estate. What bothers me is that there are plenty of great calculators, but nobody talks about what you should use for economics.  1,205 more words