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Refrigerator Repair in Chandigarh - 9212322422

Refrigerator Repair Service

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Welcome to Sahara Service– Refrigeration Repair and Installation Service – your Service centre for domestic and commercial Refrigerator and freezer repair in all over India. 128 more words


Konsep Modifikasi Honda All New CB150R Pakai Tangki Apache RTR200,Terlihat Gagah Dan Besar!

IndoRide.com – Assalamualaikum brosist,salam geber sampai redline!

Honda All New CB150R punya desain dan tarikan garis body yang keren dan tajam,saya rasa brosist sekalian setuju dengan pernyataan tersebut. 623 more words


What is it Like to have one Hot-lap With the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V?

Dear TMCVLOG readers, with this vlog you will watch my hotlap on sentul International Circuit with The New TVS RTR 200V 4V . . . actually i’ve got 5 or 6 laps with this Indian-Brand’s Bike . 20 more words


The 180cc shootout: Apache vs Pulsar

If you want a bike that’s high on performance yet gives a credible mileage and also doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, the 180 cc segment is what you should be looking into. 874 more words


Sinis sama blogger ??? Rugi tauk .....

Demi melihat apa yg terjadi akhir2 ini, bikersoak aamat sangat prihatin ….bhw sanya bagi atpm tertentu blogger dicap miring. Nah, seberapa miringkah ???
1. Tukang BC… 825 more words


The Truth About 4K TVs and Why You Need an Ethernet Port

Remember when it all started?

The high definition craze started with 480p (which amazingly, by today’s standards, is now low quality and undesirable).

Before you could even fully enjoy the beauty of what was once considered high definition, manufacturers were putting out products touting 720p HD, then 1080i, closely followed by the crystal crisp images supported by what for a long time was called “Full HD”, or 1080p. 701 more words