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Glorious Kinks- Not So Glorious After all?

Natural hair – a trend. It is weird how something that grows out of our roots is the “in thing” now. Different people decide to grow out their natural hair for different reasons. 356 more words


The Fruit of the Spirit (TAWALA: Bible NT)


Galatians (Galatiya) 5:22-23

22 Ma Alugo Woiyawa ugona dewadewahi u nugonugota geegekahi: luhogala, kaoha, nugodumola, omtaibagibagi, lounugotootogo, wihaguhagu, nugoemota,

23 nugohegoya, upuhegoya. Ega meka lugagayo gehouna ita memae po geka dewahi ina guduguduhi. 12 more words


The Armor of God (TAWALA: Bible NT)


Ephesians (Epeso) 6:10-18

10 Geka u baha a siga, Guyau a kadidiligei po a wipoyagei ona kadidili.

11 Ma Yaubada a gawiya gapolahi atapuhi ona luinihi po hougana Tomodulele ina koyakoyamemi ega ona tapitapiya. 157 more words


Curl Talk 2018: My First Natural Hair Event!

Hey, lovelies! In my effort to finally dive more into the natural hair community, I’m attending more hair events. I recently went to Curl Talk 2018 in DC, and it was absolutely amazing! 100 more words



So the other night I decided to say “F it” and cut my hair off. Not all of it, just four inches off. Now I’m rocking a T.W.A. 372 more words

Mental Health

Changes Part 1--Cutting My Locs

Sorry I’ve been away so long—there’s been a lot going on (stress at my job, spiritual warfare, and changes that God has been telling me to make, etc.) and I didn’t make time to write. 819 more words

Howard Hughes: Man of mystery revealed (part I)

This time, one shall present to one’s loyal readers the story of a man who became one of the twentieth century’s most legendary, if not enigmatic characters. 3,543 more words