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Still Last Valentine's Day

Away from the cacophony of the downtown hustle and bustle, Taylor pressed into his last pose. He exhaled slowly and returned to child’s pose. He listened to the rhythmic, soothing forest noises over the sound system. 829 more words


Vast majority of celebrities couldn't care less about posthumous Facebook tributes, claims survey.

From our showbiz and silly sausages correspondent, Danny SoZ

A recent poll conducted among a cross-section of well-known actors and musicians has found that almost all of those questioned had a pretty ambivalent attitude towards posthumous Facebook tributes, with the vast majority claiming that they couldn’t care less. 205 more words


Your man Frankie speaks

Frankie Boyle

20 February at 11:46 ·

Here’s a wee column the Guardian wouldn’t print because they didn’t like the Rupert Murdoch jokes:

Say what you like about Donald Trump but he’s already done things people said were impossible, like made Twitter worse. 873 more words


BREAKING NEWS: 23 Year-old to tell you something about life

A know-it-all graduate has used their 23 years of experience on this earth, of which 18 have been spent as a child, to explain something profound and/or useful to you about life, it has been revealed. 302 more words


Tw*t still calling people gay as if that's an insult  

A man from Swansea still calls people ‘gay’ when insulting them, like it’s 19-fucking-50 or something.

Pete Bowen, 38, loves banter with the lads nearly as much as he loves wearing his staple ensemble of bootcut jeans and crocodile skin loafers on a night out. 282 more words

Swansea News

Newlyweds wondering what to do next

TWO IDIOT NEWLYWEDS have celebrated the end of their honeymoon by realising they have to spend the rest of their lives together, it has been revealed. 232 more words


Unprofessional Models

Recently, I started reviving my photography and I immediately started realizing what I hated about it! Unprofessionalism. So here’s my way of putting these unprofessional Instagram models out there on blast. 60 more words