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Turf War spills over to Antifa Ghettos

Well, it seems Red Front Republic aren’t happy with GSW161 for their lack of street movement and consider them keyboard warriors who are ineffective against the “fight” against Fascism. 444 more words


Red Front Republic Indignify the Homeless

Let’s take a look at Red Front Republic and National Action and talk about the differences between both groups, or should that be the similarities of both groups. 1,343 more words


A levels got me crying at college

Tuesday 4th October 2016

Hey guys. I’ve had a really bad day at school today. I was called into my Head Of Years office, and he had a go at me as one of my recent English essays contained stuff from the internet. 305 more words

Stranger in the office pretending to know everyone

A POLITE stranger in the office is acting like they already kind of know everyone, despite not yet introducing themselves to anyone, it has been revealed. 134 more words


Colleague pledges not to park like a complete dick

THAT ANNOYING colleague of yours has pledged not to  park like an infantile piece of shit for once in their worthless life, it has been revealed. 191 more words


Police Officer Wrecks Car Window

Police Officer does what any Police Officer would do when it comes over the radio that the driver only has a provisional driving licence, which means no insurance and the guy being antagonistically stubborn by refusing to leave the car (whilst filming) the officer. 55 more words


People who clap when they laugh "just the worst", study finds

Grown adults who clap whenever they laugh are the worst kind of people you could ever meet, it has been revealed.

The recent study found that a link between clapping when you laugh and being a horrible bastard is made during childhood.  180 more words