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Putinism in Ecosse

It surprises some that the paper of choice (hardcopy and digital) for the gobshite known as ‘allatsea’ is the Grauniad.  Yep, that limp wristed pinko-lefty hand-wringing sobsheet and favourite of the public sector mutual admiration brigade and all liberal  sighers. 661 more words

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The Evening and Daniel Johnston

Tonight I went with my wife to see Daniel Johnston at the Paper Tiger in San Antonio and it was every bit as amazing as one would expect. 1,015 more words

Getting To Know You.

It’s okay to admit you want a really successful blog. I know I do. The problem is, millions of people blog but precious few have anything meaningful or interesting to say that hasn’t already been done to death elsewhere and what’s left is most likely pornographic, extremist or of interest to so few people (I once stumbled upon a blog that was promoting a neighbourhood watch scheme for a cul-de-sac (4 houses) somewhere in the East Midlands) it’s barely of interest to those who live there, let alone anyone else. 131 more words


The Fall: Sub-Lingual Tablet

(This is a review of the CD version; there is a vinyl version which features different mixes of some of the tracks, which I haven’t yet heard). 1,911 more words


The Curious Case of Asus Being a Bunch of Copycunts

What the fuck are Asus thinking?

They’ve released the most cheasy of commercials showcasing a piece of shit Apple Watch knock off.

The original Apple Watch video is down below. 54 more words


BREAKING: Chuka Umunna declares bid to make Labour the "party of the Riff Raff"

Ibiza holiday home-owning plastic socialist, Labour MP, Chuka Umunna has today launched his bowler hat into the ring to become the party’s Leader, with the hope the party “will reclaim its role as the party of ordinary working riff raff.” 345 more words