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NewsGrab - Tory Turkeys to have 'Own Union'

#ToryTurkeys #TWATS

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Tory ‘Turkey Farms’ to be up and running in time for Christmas says deputy chairman, Rob Halfon. 12 more words

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They've got a point

Well the much heralded Euro-summit held last night to address the migration crisis didn’t offer up very much did it. A couple of bob to the aid agencies and a promise to think a bit more on what to do next. 232 more words


The Guardian tries to get around response petition with grandiose rich people


You think, because you’re rich, your opinion matters more?

In a democracy, everyone is worth one vote. You don’t get an extra pull because you’re famous.  321 more words

Baby Boomers screech about property monopoly tax


It hasn’t even been applied yet.
It won’t be until 2020.

Yes, you’re reading that link right.
This ….person, has SEVENTY-FIVE properties, and is completely convinced that he has… 746 more words


Putinism in Ecosse

It surprises some that the paper of choice (hardcopy and digital) for the gobshite known as ‘allatsea’ is the Grauniad.  Yep, that limp wristed pinko-lefty hand-wringing sobsheet and favourite of the public sector mutual admiration brigade and all liberal  sighers. 661 more words

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The Evening and Daniel Johnston

Tonight I went with my wife to see Daniel Johnston at the Paper Tiger in San Antonio and it was every bit as amazing as one would expect. 1,015 more words