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This app makes your headphones sound like a pro recording studio

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Spend some time shopping for headphones, and you’ll quickly grow tired of devices claiming to present music “as the artist intended,” despite sporting vastly different sound. 902 more words


Monster Hunter World's First Major Update Hits March 22

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Screenshot: Capcom

On March 22, Monster Hunter World will get its first big update, bringing the monster Deviljho.

According to Famitsu… 117 more words


Monster Hunter: World’s Bonus Gear Is Cool But Could Use Some Tweaks

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If you ever wanted to watch Street Fighter’s Ryu shoryuken a dinosaur or run around with a wibbly, wobbly snake hat, Monster Hunter: World’s bonus quests can make your dreams come true. 865 more words


Android P DP1: Google adds a screenshot shortcut to the power menu

(Source: 9to5google.com)

There are a lot of big changes in Android P, but sometimes the little tweaks are the best. One of those little tweaks is a new way to take a screenshot… 215 more words


Week 9 - Animatic and Poster Design

Something personal came up this week, so I needed to take a little bit of a breather.

Various changes made to this animatic, including:

Shot 4 is slightly faster; Slight lighting change on Shot 6; Slow truck in on Shots 15 and 16; Aggie’s fingers bend as she ages in Shot 21; Shot 32.1 changed to a POV shot of Aggie planting seeds instead. 215 more words


linux lite os anglicisation & internationalisation tweaks

linux lite os anglicisation tweaks

make english uk the first language

check regional formats

add extra fonts languages