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Deerstalker eagerly anticipating the reopening of the Somersetshire Coal Canal

This week Deerstalker has ventured deep into the heart of rural Somerset, where time waits for every man and owl pellets are still recognised legal tender. 596 more words

Time to pull your finger out girl!

Once again I’m trying to get going with this blinking electronic stuff! AARRGGHH!!

I’d like to promise that I’m going to be a good blogger and keep it up but life, as we’ve noticed, has a habit of getting in the way, anyway here’s a quick catch up… First of all I have been updating the commercial website and the good news is that it should be open again in a few days YAY! 457 more words

The Bristol Cloth

After 20 or so years in London I’ve finally made the break and retreated to the West Country. It’s been long overdue – I’ve been steadily getting grumpier with each year passing in the Big Smoke. 579 more words