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Zoe & Zak and the Ghost Leopard (Zoe & Zak Adventures #1) by Lars Guignard

About the Book

Title: Zoe & Zak and the Ghost Leopard (The Heroes of the Himalayas, Book #1) * Author: Lars Guignard * Publication Date: January 9, 2014 (2nd Edition) * Publisher: Fantastic Press * Pages: 338 * Recommended Age: 10+ 643 more words

Makeup Anyone?

My Oldest is obsessed with makeup. OBSESSED I say! She says she wants to go to beauty school when she gets old enough. I don’t see anything wrong with it. 245 more words

Technology Growing Pains

I see our society, and our world, as very obviously experiencing extreme growing pains as we move into our new technology era. We act as though we’ve arrived at the adult level, when in fact we’re still barely in the really awkward “tween” stage where teeth are too big and hormones are just starting to surge around a bit and we’re realizing there are differences between boys and girls but we’re not exactly sure what those differences are, and teenagers seem to be the coolest kids on earth. 315 more words

My Fabulous Life

Be Brave My Little One

Tonight Oldest talked daddy and I into letting her watch a scary movie. The Woman in Black 2. We watched it just a couple of nights ago, actually, my hubby watched it, I was in and out. 410 more words


Organise it - Secret girls business

Wink wink, nudge nudge. ¬†With puberty fast approaching for my daughter, I have been meaning to sort out a ‘special pencil case’ for Ella to keep in her school bag, just incase she gets her first period at school. 274 more words

Organised Chaos

Embarrassing Photo Tag

Ok, so we might be mad, but my BlogPal Janey at Cupid or Cats and I had a really spectacular(-ly silly!) idea on one conversation we had after reading one of her posts regarding the fact that most kids nowadays don’t get to go through the geeky tween/teen years, instead, going from cute kid to almost perfect made up teen… Thanks to all the media coverage about appearance. 345 more words


Words Hurt

Today, Oldest got her feelings hurt. Not from a friend or even a stranger. She got them hurt from her own Grandmother.

Oldest came up with a game, where she wanted to pretend that she was a baby. 642 more words