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New Pic Of Jared Leto As "The Joker" Will Give You Nightmares

In case you were curious, ‘The Joker’ made his first ever comic book appearance as Batman’s evil villain on April 25, 1940.

According to… 78 more words


Twitter as a social networking media for Public Relations

Twitter is an on-line social networking platform which uses short messages known as “tweets” for communication between its users. Twitter helps to create and share ideas and information instantly without any barriers (Twitter, 2015). 365 more words


Sweet Cakes - A Christian Family Under Attack by Evil.

Sweet Cakes by Melissa as a business is gone, close, shuttered by the state. The $135,000 fine is against a family of 7 with no business anymore who now stand to lose everything they own and their childrens home for refusing to bake a gay wedding cake because it would constitute a great sin to fascinate or participate in a homosexual wedding. 649 more words


From Twitter:

People, people| Are you tired of paying an arm and a leg to manage your #FISMA and #FedRAMP docs? DM me, I can help.

Kris Humphries' Nasty Tweet Aimed At Bruce Jenner During Special!?

Kris Humphries took to Twitter during last night’s Bruce Jenner coming out interview with Diane Sawyer.

Of course, Diane Sawyer had the exclusive interview with Jenner last night as he announced his transition to female after 65 years living in the closet as transgendered. 234 more words


From Twitter:

Wondering how to grow on twitter? I gained 7 followers in the past week. This is the app: http://bit.ly/1vJudGE


Its better to be happy and grateful

that it happened than to be

dissapointed it didn’t work out.

2 weeks and 4 days

First legit date. 129 more words