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Twitter's new tool should stop password sharing and help fend off hijackings

There are many ways to have your Twitter account hijacked: clicking on phishy links; using feeble passwords instead of unique, hefty brutes; or practicing poor password etiquette by, for example, … 355 more words


Tweetdeck is on Fleekdeck

I was instructed to create a Twitter account for a class. I followed a few accounts to make it look legit and already I was overwhelmed. 255 more words


Module 5

Tweetdeck is a third-party app that helps people to organize and search current topics or information in an easier and more organized way. Here are three main differences between the Tweetdeck and other search engines: 256 more words



Twitter is now one of the fastest ways of accessing breaking news online, and organizations – especially news media – *live* for live-tweets. The Tweetdeck… 235 more words



What is TweetDeck? TweetDeck is a software app that allows you to manage and search relevant topics instantly through the use of social media. It engages you with real-time instant information, matched to the search of choice. 295 more words


Twitter Launches TweetDeck Access Team Account Without Sharing Passwords

You can use a third party solution, but then you’re trusting yet another third party to not go out of business, not get acquired and shut down, not go down during business hours, and, most notably, to not be awful for its own reasons. 177 more words


Twitter Finally Lets You Share Team Accounts Without Sharing Passwords

If you’ve ever tried to share a Twitter account with your team, you probably already know it sucks.

You can share the password, but then you get that… 283 more words