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Aggregation in media

Aggregation is collecting information from other sources. It’s a collection. We all aggregate, social media is a prime example of this. We all share other peoples content on… 268 more words


How to "Social Media" when life gets busy

A lot of people have this issue I think. It’s hard to spend countless hours of Social Media every day and still get things done. Where it can be a fun place to pass some time, it generally isn’t a productive place. 741 more words


Product Review: TweetDeck

I recently downloaded the App, TweetDeck. I have been using it now for about two to three weeks, and wanted to share my review on this application. 1,084 more words

Social Media

Blocking Rogue Twitter Accounts

As I have said before running a Twitter account attracts crazy people, running a Masonic themed Twitter account attracts that special kind of crazy person. These people seem to have nothing more important to do with their lives than to set up so called parody accounts. 1,362 more words

Turning The Key

Twitter/ Tweetdeck account

These are screenshots of the Femail Twitter and Tweetdeck account. I use the Tweetdeck account to schedule tweets, and to make it easier to see everything on the same screen. 51 more words

Creative Futures- Hull Daily Mail

5x5 Learning: Get Your Tweets in Line

Day 3 of 5 finds us looking at Twitter and specifically a Twitter aggregator. Tweetdeck is a Chrome App that allows users to create columns for specific hashtagged/keyworded information. 6 more words

Model Digital-Age Work And Learning

Behind Every Social Media Manager is Tweetdeck

Every quote, T-shirt and meme you’ve ever seen about coffee is also applicable to Tweetdeck.

If you use Twitter in any form for your job and don’t know what Tweetdeck is, it’s the Holy Grail of Social Media. 329 more words

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