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How to join a Twitter chat

If you have been following this blog, you have probably noticed a number of posts with #LINCchat in the title. These posts are summaries of a bi-weekly Twitter chat for LINC instructors. 634 more words


Trying a new Twitter and Periscope posting strategy

Hey, so most of you know that I favor Twitter more than the rest of my social interactions. So, I’ve recently been just looking over my Twitter and Periscope. 582 more words


Hello Tweetdeck!

Hey folks!

So recently I decided to make a twitter account, and when I was doing that, someone showed me a lovely site called Tweetdeck! 140 more words

Social Media Management

Hey Guys!
For this blog post, I used a site called TweetDeck. This was my first time ever even hearing about something like this but I thought it was pretty neat! 205 more words


Some lesser (and more) known applications to make your interneting more pleasant (and private)

Obviously there is a bit of a kerfluffle at present as regards Cambridge Analytical’s use of Facebook data… personally I find this rather oddly timed since… 808 more words


Twitter for Mac, a 2-App Approach

I’ve been a fan of the Twitter app for Mac since I started using Twitter several years ago, so I was sad to see it discontinued. 619 more words


Tweet thieves suspended by Twitter

As BuzzFeed News so nicely put it, the Tweetdeckoning has come.

On Friday, the platform cleared house of a particular kind of leach, suspending several popular accounts known for ripping off other people’s tweets or jokes without crediting the original creator and for making money by retweeting the plagiarized content. 419 more words