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Thanks to Twitter, Donald Trump Will Soon Be the Cyberbully-In-Chief

When Donald Trump was just another candidate among the herd of Republican hopefuls aiming for the White House, his use of Twitter as a “bully pulpit” 930 more words



(from night tweets, December 2016)

And if the middle of the night

awaits for you without a dream

you feel at first relieved

because there have been nightmares. 110 more words


17 Hilarious Tweets About Elf on the Shelf

For many parents, the month of December can be super stressful. Especially when fellow parents are coming up with more and more elaborate ways to display that darn Elf on the Shelf. 316 more words


Tweet of the Week- December 8th

Another day in the Donald Trump presidency, and another story that you would never read from another president elect. The new normal?

Trump's presidency gets stranger by the day…

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Twitter is banning the bots that feed off Trump’s tweets

Twitter has been on a bit of a suspension spree of late, and its latest targets are Trump bots.

For those unfamiliar with the term, Twitter is home to tens of millions of automated accounts, known as bots. 317 more words

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Cars Have Feelings Too...Now.

How can this article on Honda's new automated concept car that comes equipped w/emotions not mention road rage? https://t.co/SdHfULRSZ5

— Fish & Bicycles (@FishandBicycles) December 8, 2016

Fish & Bicycles

Just 22 Tweets About Donald Trump's Cabinet Appointments That Are Almost Too Real To Be Funny

Unless you’ve been successfully living under a rock (in which case, congratulations, you’re doing great), you are likely aware that President-elect Donald Trump has been exceptionally busy appointing and nominating some rather controversial figures to his cabinet of advisers. 679 more words