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5 years later, look inside the Usama bin Laden raid from @POTUS’s national security team: go.wh.gov/9Ka3vi https://t.co/nrwRNBmRBC

The White House (@WhiteHouse) May 02, 2016…

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If you've seen sex ads on Twitter, you aren't the only one

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Twitter has been known to serve up some dubious ads in the form of “promoted” Tweets. Take this example of a knock-off Pokemon app spotted by my colleague Kif Leswing. 389 more words


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https://t.co/wsbxjyMyFI "가상연애하기" 오글주의

— 세용 (@MYNAME_KYong) May 1, 2016

https://t.co/wsbxjyMyFI “Virtual romance”

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"A civilization which destroys what little remains of the wild…is cutting itself off from its origins" -Ed Abbey pic.twitter.com/aoGTVMSBl4

— Wilderness Society (@Wilderness) May 2, 2016


#SCOTUS rules against corrupt Baltimore cop ensnared in a kickback scheme. He did conspire after all. The preview: https://t.co/4bwPOwsKf7

— Cf. (@cristianafarias) May 2, 2016


April 2016: California talks, book rough draft, Idea Channel & Science Friday on emoji

I took a trip to California! I gave a keynote address at the 25th annual CSU Fullerton Linguistic Symposium (my slides at bit.ly/explainling-fullerton). A few days later, I went into the offices of Dictionary.com and gave a talk in conversation with Jane Solomon. 351 more words