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MSOB Basics - Manscpaing 101

Ahhh, you didn’t know there was as an actual word for it? Yes there is and now you can relax because women are smart enough to know that you man parts don’t just wake up like that.

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Six of the best... Beauty tools

Whittling down my favourite beauty tools – the ones that deliver every time – was tough!
I decided to pick six items that I’ve used again and again, and that deliver good results every time I use them. 314 more words


How to Separate Those Devil Eyelashes

When I was about 14, I tried using an eyelash comb, but the bristles were plastic and super thick (that’s what she said!) Let’s fast forward through some awkward, tough times and I decided that mascaras themselves just weren’t “separating” the way they said advertised. 54 more words


Five Ways to WOW Your Brows

Let’s talk about eyebrows.  As a lifetime sufferer of unruly eyebrows I am always searching for the best way to get these beasts in line.  Getting regular eyebrow waxes or threading helps tremendously but here are some other ideas if  you can’t/don’t want to go to the salon. 425 more words