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Winners and losers in Obama's Iran Deal

Winners and losers in Obama’s Iran deal:

Iran, of course.  At least $150 billion in previously frozen assets released.  Rumors abound that up to 700 billion may be given to them my Obama.   285 more words

Muhammad Drawings

“Muhammad drawing” is another tool used in the “Muslim” occult to make contact with “Islamic” terrorist.

The practitioners of this dark “occult” feel they are making… 866 more words


Aboute Shia Muslims & Imam HUSAYN & Ashure

introduce Islam and shia Muslims, Imamah (Shia doctrine), Imam ALI, HASSAN, imam HUSAYN & Day of Ashura (Husayn Day). … 6 more words


In Imam Mahdi's (aj) Own Words (P.II)

so who is the one who will fill the earth with peace and justice as it was filled with oppression and injustice? let’s check what the 12th Imam (atfs) himself has to say regarding this topic: 316 more words

The Twelfth Imam (ajtf) - The Final Hujjat (Proof)

In Imam Mahdi's (aj) Own Words (P.I)

Basically our Hujjat (ajtf) has been tellling that he is the one who will fill the earth with peace and justice since the night of his (ajtf) miraculous birth: 226 more words

Imam Zaman Ajtf

Can We Trust the Twelvers?

In late November, the world learned that an interim nuclear agreement had been reached in Geneva between the P5 +1 countries–the five UN Security Council members plus Germany–and Iran. 871 more words


Media Monday: Joel C. Rosenberg

For the last couple of months, I’ve been unable to tear my eyes or mind away from the captivating writing of Joel C. Rosenberg, author of two incredible fiction novel series about events in the Middle East, as well as a number of non-fiction books and resources. 401 more words