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Islam is a Political Ideology of Subjugation

Let’s remember that King Zero also irrationally blames guns for “gun violence.” So when he fails to identify Islam as the driving force behind terrorism, no one should be surprised. 140 more words

Whiny Obama

The irony is that he thought by making things worse in America he would win favor with the rest of the world. His true accomplishment is that he has made the world worse and America worse. 49 more words

The Tehran Initiative: Joel Rosenberg

If Rosenberg couldn’t remember the basic tenet of writing (“Show, don’t tell”) he could at least have listened to Madonna (“Papa, Don’t Preach”).

Pity. There’s a good story buried between the “preaching” and “telling.”

The Twelfth Imam -- Joel Rosenberg

Too much preaching; not enough story.

Clunky, ham-handed; some interesting characters and plotlines buried under clunky writing, preaching and far too much self-justifying expository prose.