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Two Years Later

No, this isn’t a reference to how long it’s been since the last time I posted, although it does seem that way. I just checked, and my last post was a mere four months ago. 1,255 more words


What is ACA?

ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families) is a 12-Step, 12-Tradition fellowship focused on recovering from specific behavior and attitude patterns developed while growing up in an alcoholic or other dysfunctional home. 185 more words


While I was away on my honeymoon, my dad had a counseling session with my brother. Apparently it did not go well. When I asked my dad about it, he launched into a tirade of complaints largely consisting of, “Fuck that rehab.” My dad has got it into his head that he will create a new business, and following my brother’s exit from rehab, he will teach my brother the trade. 380 more words

Finding Myself Here

It’s 12:06 and I’m early for a 12:30. That’s what happens when you decide to jump in the pool, you show up before the pool even opens. 183 more words

Personal Essay

Recovery Ranch

The nights before my brother’s rehab admission were long and sleepless.  My brother was still maintaining his addiction schedule with prime activity hours being between 5 pm and 7 am.   504 more words

Increase Our Faith

Habakkuk 1: 2-3; 2: 2-4; Luke 17:5-10

Increase our faith. It seems like a rather simple request coming from the Apostles in today’s gospel, but when we speak of any of these virtues, we seem to have a tendency to use them rather loosely. 801 more words

A Tarnished Star

Do everything without complaining or arguing. Then you will be innocent and without anything wrong in you. You will be God’s children without fault. But you are living with crooked and mean people all around you.

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