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When I read the news of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide, it made me gasp out loud! It’s heartbreaking and scary – how could anyone who seemed to have so much take his own life? 480 more words


Jesus pushers

I am so sick and tired of Jesus pushers. Jesus is not the only way. I am not doomed to failure and hell if I don’t accept Jesus. 221 more words

Our Story

The Christian Soul: Miracles

I doubt there are many believers in Jesus who have not experienced at least one miracle in this life. 

For me, there was the time when my sister was sent to the hospital because she was hemorrhaging internally. 1,553 more words


Not great, but it's a start


When I tell people I’m in recovery, their usual question is, ‘from what?’. I tell them about my addictions, and mental health conditions, and as is human nature, they often want the sordid details. 506 more words


New Yellow Book Study Group

Starting Monday, Aug. 7th 6PM

Western community near Ibis


Suzanne C. 561-358-7372  srcrowley@bellsouth.net (host)

Beth Levinson 561-386-4622 / beth11son@gmail.com (Leader)