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#112 Kakuro Okakura – The Book of Tea

As I sit down to write this, a mug of Lapsang Souchong sits beside me. There’s a cheerful tortoise on the side. After five minutes’ brew, the teabag (I confess) has been removed, and milk and sugar have both been consciously foregone. 486 more words

Little Black Classics

The Second Winter, by Craig Larsen

Reading The Second Winter, by Craig Larsen, can be bewildering. The narrative shifts from character to character and through time. The connections between the characters are only slowly revealed and, even then, remain somewhat tenuous. 425 more words


In defense of the Rose of Tralee poem

The Rose of Tralee was on this week, and caused not a little stir for a number of good and bad reasons. Two of the main causes were the commendable efforts of the Sydney Rose to raise an issue that is fundamental to women in Ireland: the need to have a referndum on (and hopefully see the repeal of) the 8th amendment to our constitution. 477 more words

Twentieth Century

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, by Yu Hua

Set between the late 1940s and early 1970s, Yu Hua’s Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (translated by Andrew Jones) tells the story of an ordinary man living in hard times. 430 more words


A Very Short History of Art: Into Modernity

Even before the First World War, not everyone in the world of art was cocooned in the golden haze of Impressionism. As early as the 1880s, just a decade after the term ‘Impressionist’ had been coined, another group of artists were producing work which would collectively come to be identified as ‘Post-Impressionist’. 978 more words


LondonLife - Tranquil waters of the Barbican...

Inside the Barbican Estate residential development in the City of London. The Brutalist, Grade II listed, complex was developed in the 1960s and 1970s in an area which had been devastated in the bombing of World War II. 19 more words


Michael Longley: Lost For Words

As our Northern Irish readers will know, stoically eating ice cream in the drizzle is something of a local tradition. If drizzle is not available, then usually a heavy downpour means that ice cream can be consumed in the car. 482 more words

Twentieth Century