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Twenty five! Oh my! That’s ¼ of my life expectancy. Clocking Twenty-Five is something special, indeed. A couple of weeks back I was having a conversation with an acquaintance and I got talking about Age Thirty (She had asked about my age and I told her Thirty- Brown lie!). 1,652 more words


I learned so much about myself during my 24th year of life. I also recently developed a deeper appreciation for the pain that coincides with growth. 147 more words


A Lesson in Resigning

My twenty fifth birthday was one of the saddest so far. I didn’t feel like celebrating it, few people remembered about it, and at the end of it I couldn’t fall asleep: I was projecting the things I heard about being over twenty five onto my future. 535 more words


30 Day Writing Challenge |Day 25

Walk along the street and to your right appears a small lane at the end of which sits a building. Concrete and grey glass facade gleaming in the afternoon sunlight; it’s mirrored effect reflecting the last of the sun’s rays, blue October sky above and the jacaranda tree in bloom beside it.  31 more words


Question? (part twenty-five)

“Ask one more time,” Toby asked Sally as he reached for the door that opened onto the alley behind their converted garage home.

Sally thought, she looked confused for a second and then smiled, “We’re fine,” she said. 1,236 more words


Twenty-five years old.  For some reason during my teenage years and early twenties I put turning twenty-five on a pedestal.  This would be THE year, the one where I would have my shit together in love, life and work.  1,425 more words


Project Twenty Five

We are excited to announce a very personal project that Nick is launching – Twenty Five.

Twenty Five is in aid of pancreatic cancer and is to commemorate his mother, … 197 more words