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Area 51

One of the categories in next months Irish Blog Awards is “Best Outraged Blog Awards Post”, which they define as “Conspiracy theories, cries of corruption and calls for a million blogger march on IBA HQ”. 441 more words

Tinman's Tall Tales

We're Not Worthy

The Sunday Times doesn’t like us.

The attached article, especially its final sentence, strikes me as a gloat at the fact that blogging hasn’t wiped newspapers off the face of the earth. 960 more words

It's All About Me

A Twist on Bait and Switch

I will have to admit that I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist.  There are times when “things happen” that just seem all too convenient.  If a particular public issue seems to really be heating up, especially for the government, there seems to be a convenient “something” that comes along to deflect focus. 649 more words


Getting Your Own Back

I was talking to the Tinkids this morning about political correctness, and about how it can sometimes be somewhat misguided, so I told them about the “sport” of Dwarf Throwing in the US, and of how, when PC determined that Dwarves should be referred to as Porgs (Persons Of Restricted Growth) one town changed the name of its contest to the Porg Throwing Contest, thus missing the point that the throwing of someone might actually be more offensive than what you call them while you’re doing it. 340 more words

It's All About Me

There He is, Gone

Just four days after I named Twenty Major’s blog among my 100 favourite things he’s gone and closed it down.

If this becomes a trend soon there’ll be no more sunrises, no more airports and no more Harry Potter books. 427 more words

Tinman's Tall Tales

Making Holemaster Whole

A guy I know is going into hospital today. He’s going to have part of his lung removed, to get rid of a small but malignant growth. 268 more words

How Do You Categorize This?

Not Drowning, But Grumpy

On Thursday on Twenty Major’s site, a comment thread that started being about pigs and lipstick suddenly turned to bipolar disorders. People said things like: 705 more words

It's All About Me