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It Is What It Is

As you exit the break room in my place of employment, there is a plaque above the door that reads, “It is what it is.” 395 more words

Blog Life

Fuck-Up, Millenial, And Sleep Deprevation

Writers are solitary creatures, but, I am increasingly social lately. And, in my “travels,” I’ve learned the accuracy of an oft-repeated statement: almost no one has their shit together. 457 more words


For You

I skied in the mountains for the first time in my life this past week.

While I’ve skied once before as a teenager on some lowly prairie hills, skiing is a fairly new skill for me. 1,544 more words


My 5 Packing Essentials

I love to travel. The entire reason I started this blog was to write about my study abroad trip. And tomorrow, I go on another trip to… 360 more words

5 Thoughts You Have When Moving In With Your Significant Other

1. But what if we break up?

Call me a cynic, but my first thought was what if something really dramatic happens and we break up and we get stuck in this lease???? 183 more words


Confessions of a Broke College Student Experiencing Financial Woes

“And in this moment, I felt completely and utterly pathetic” – real thoughts from me.

I’m 23. I’m not sure if that matters, but I’m 23 and poor as shit and I don’t think it’s going to get better from here. 1,107 more words


Winter Break Reflections

(December 27, 2017)

With our oldest, 22, home for the long break (for the first time in years), the house is once again, and even more fully, tipped toward youth, toward late nights of conversation, music-making, meal-making, movie streaming, not to mention heavy footsteps up and down the stairs outside my bedroom door (my bed vibrating like a drum) and something else–door latches (like gunshot) ever so charming when we first built the house and little hands had no need of closed doors. 742 more words