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Each day I fill a page,

of the story called Life.

Chapter twenty-two has been the hardest,

and there’s still a lot to figure out. 11 more words


Hike to Survive- An interview with Justin Vititoe by Ash Hess

Twenty two. 22 is the statistical number of Veterans that are taking their own lives every day. Every single day. There is also 1 Active Duty member who does the same. 2,319 more words


Chicken Little Got A Gun

Chicken Little Got A Gun

Another day, another beating
Into himself, he was retreating
His parents did not call a meeting
It couldn’t happen to our son… 253 more words


22: a list of things I hope to do in my 22nd year of life.

Hello Muffins! A very Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

I hope that whatever you are doing this Sunday whether it be celebrating Easter with loved ones or just hanging around at home, that you are having a glorious day filled with happiness and love. 538 more words


I’m Twenty-Two years old and I’m single as ever because so much is going on in my life that I’m not even sure I have under complete control. 316 more words

The Right to Be Forgotten: Twenty-Two

“There’s nothing I can say that will help you. I know that.” After so many miles and so many words, only honesty can save me. 589 more words


I’m a year older now. Twenty-two. Wow. I still feel like I don’t deserve the title of a lady. I’m still physically underdeveloped. Growth hormones, please do your magic! 89 more words