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The Right to Be Forgotten: Twenty-Two

“There’s nothing I can say that will help you. I know that.” After so many miles and so many words, only honesty can save me. 589 more words


I’m a year older now. Twenty-two. Wow. I still feel like I don’t deserve the title of a lady. I’m still physically underdeveloped. Growth hormones, please do your magic! 89 more words


Twenty Two

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling twenty two-ooh…

And it sucks.

I know it can’t just be me because all my friends, co-workers, and basically everyone I know my age has come to the consensus that life sucks. 367 more words


My birthday Post (a toast)

For my birthday, since it is on Sunday this year, I decided to post the things that I love most about life in equivalence to my age. 726 more words


Not Feeling Twenty-two

I’ve aged so much since Reason’s death. I don’t feel like a twenty-two year old; that catchy Taylor Swift beat doesn’t resonate with me. I feel ancient, I have knowledge I shouldn’t. 342 more words

Grieving Parent

Things I've learnt in my 20s, that every 20-something will probably agree with

Being in your twenties is a weird time, because you are surrounded by so many people at such completely different stages in their lives. It’s a time when you think you should be settling down and doing adult things, but you’re not really sure why – because you don’t really want to. 1,421 more words



I love you like the dusky blue spring sky above a gas station, with the electricity wires growing through it, with a fresh breeze of wind gently making the grass blades shake in excitement while budding from the cracks of asphalt. 154 more words