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No hago más que pensarte.

Todo me recuerda a ti.

El olor a mar, a café, a hogar.

No hago más que recordarte.

Todo me hace pensar en ti. 27 more words


"Twenty Two"

it’s true

seconds turn into minutes
minutes turn into hours
hours turn into days
days turn into weeks

there’re a lot of seconds
in seventeen days… 7 more words


Lament for twenty-two.

All things considered, I’m not sure if it is good or bad for my personal wellbeing that I live 45 minutes from my former college. I could give pros and cons for both sides of the coin, on one hand saying that I’m glad, so glad, that I can drive a little and still see all my favorite people who remain undergrads, all my favorite people who remain professors, all my favorite people who graduated but stayed in the area, a dear younger sister, and the smattering of buildings that I made my home for four years on any given evening. 1,481 more words


What You Should Know About Me

What a vain post to make. I’m writing about myself. How typical. To be fair I don’t like talking about myself that much. Probably explains why I’m a writer and blogger. 162 more words


Twenty-two and Unemployed

7th December 2015

Twenty-two, unemployed and living in Melbourne.

I’ve come to realise that despite my jobless plight these are actually the best years of my life… 416 more words

2015: Year In Review

2015 has come to a close and overall it’s been a good year for me in the art world.  As long as I’m taking advantage of opportunities and doing things that I’ve never done before, then I feel like I’m progressing. 835 more words