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Three words

I am beautiful.

Three words that I struggle to tell myself as the spots on my face won’t let me.

They are three words that the fat on my thighs will laugh at. 31 more words


“Be more like me”

She said,

Because I was never good enough to just be me.

She could never understand how anyone could ever be so quiet, so timid. 48 more words

Late Night Thoughts

It’s currently thirty minutes past midnight. I’ve spent pretty much every day over the past week and a half working on assignments for college. To say I’ve been stressed out is an understatement. 399 more words

Fix it

I don’t trust you like I used to

I don’t have the same love for you like I used to

Like you didn’t have the same love for me, for us… 62 more words

Cry Baby

I’m an extremely emotional person, so much in that, my family regularly mock me for my uncontrollable habit of breaking into tears at the smallest of inconveniences. 175 more words

twenty-two experiences

  1. Working with pre-schoolers through the JumpStart early literacy program, and having not one but two beautiful teams of people to work with!
  2. Mini-trip: going to J-Tree, and on the way home my alternator gave out on the freeway, meaning headlights failed and I had to get Hennessy towed.
  3. 529 more words

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

The thing about being an adult that no one really tells you is that everything changes…. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t like change. 315 more words