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Throwback to Turning TwentyTwo

Because I’m turning 23 in two days, I thought I’d do a Throwback Thursday post to my birthday last year. I loved my birthday last year. 334 more words

Big Girls Don't Cry

Upon watching my best friend turn twenty-two this month it’s become undeniably rooted within my inner workings that the state of being woman is dug deep within layers and layers of onion peeling. 322 more words



Suspended, floating

like a breeze rising

like sinking in water

like feather down

the center still and solid

with tiny hands clasping

Zone 8

22 Things I’ve Learned in 22 Years

February 2017, I turned 22. These are 22 things I’ve learned in 22 years.

1. walk

I am a clumsy child growing up. I lost count of how many bandages I used, but I learned the importance of walking. 1,304 more words

Life Experience


The jewels adorning the crown.

The paint upon the brush tip.

The kiss upon the lips.

The sweetest cherry at the top.