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Could you Pass the Lentils?

I am not sure if I have already mentioned this, but I studied abroad in Turkey 2 years ago (I will do a blog post for that at another time because it is a huge part of my life), but one of the man foods that you eat like at every meal is soup, specifically ├žorba. 362 more words



The birth flower for the month of September.

Ancient Greeks burned its leaves to ward off snakes and evil spirits.

Aster spp.


Let me tell you about the number 22

So I’ve been seeing the number 22, or at least some variation of it (222, 322, 422, etc.), almost EVERYWHERE for about a year now. Somewhere along the way I decided to find out what the biblical meaning for the number 22 is. 873 more words

Turning Twenty Two

Tomorrow will be my twenty second birthday. This will be my golden year of birthdays considering I will turn twenty two on the 22nd of September. 526 more words


Occupational Balance

I have made it known that I am going to school for my masters in occupational therapy, but for my class today we discussed occupational balance. 499 more words


The Greatest Television Show Ever

I do not use the above words lightly, but I mean them with all of my heart when I am talking about a show called  340 more words


Acne is the worst..

The title of this blog post is one of the more accurate statements I have ever written before. Acne is not a walk in the park, and I know it varies from person to person, but I am talking about the acne that is everywhere. 377 more words