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Today's reminder

Numbers do not define. Not pants sizes, not numbers on a scale, and certainly not the ten digits of the phone number that you didn’t get from that attractive person. 273 more words

I'm not magnificent 

I know I spoke about it before but ‘Holocene’, God, I love that song so much. In my post ‘Thoughts from a coffee shop’ I discussed the whole idea of finding the significance in the insignificance which I think is the whole concept behind the song. 307 more words

10 Lessons I Learned at 22

Yesterday, I turned 23. That feels very strange to write and even stranger to say out loud. For some reason, 22 to 23 feels like a bigger jump than 21 to 22. 735 more words


Thoughts from a coffee shop

I don’t know what it is about coffee shops that just always influence my thoughts positively. I’m currently sitting, alone, in Insomnia (drinking a chai latte because they’re my favourites) just watching the world go by. 390 more words

Inspire me!

I’m trying to put a little more commitment into my blog now as I’m no longer working full time and I feel like I’ll enjoy the opportunity to put my thoughts to paper (or to blog post) a little more! 104 more words

Another Chapter Begins!

This post is a little over due but you’ll see that I’ve been busy as you read on!! A lot has happened these past two months. 468 more words