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This is not the Notebook

So, I like someone. I hate this crap.

I am not a fan of having these feelings because it can either go one of two ways. 313 more words


Tie Me Down // Pick Up and Go

I’m twenty-two. This is a built-in time to drop the reins and let life run its course without always leaning on the brake or trying to steer. 302 more words


Being a Post-Grad by Bryn T.

I’m so excited to be writing my first ever guest blog post for Attempting to Live La Vida Loca! To be honest, this is partly because it’s a good distraction from what I should be doing: job searching. 453 more words


There is no Such Thing as Being Slightly Pregnant

Those were the words that my mom uttered when she saw the books in my backseat the other week. There were three books: Slightly Single, Slightly Settled… 566 more words



I have mentioned briefly in one post that I am a knitter, and I wanted to clarify and explain what I mean by that. I mean that I have a knitting store on Etsy called New Mexico Knits. 481 more words


Twenty Two 

Hello, it’s me. I’m back. I know it’s been 2 months and that is not acceptable. But I’m back and it’s birthday! Today I turn 22 (I don’t know about you but Mag is feeling twenty twoooo) so I thought I would share with you a few things I have learnt in my 22 years. 435 more words