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The Need-To Read (131)

To suffice-

Some books are read at least twice.



Eating Pussy for an Hour

My wife got a game that she likes to play.  She had just gotten an hour unlimited play time on it.  I wanted to eat out her pussy.  101 more words


Luc Besson's EuropaCorp Counts 'Twice' For 'Mesrine' Helmer Jean-Francois Richet

EXCLUSIVE: Mesrine helmer Jean-Francois Richet has boarded the new action thriller Twice. It’s based on an original idea from Luc Besson, whose EuropaCorp will finance, produce and distribute the film Besson co-wrote with Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt. 227 more words

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DREADS ARE CULTURAL APPROPRIATION! I said it once, twice, three times and ill say it again. I feel the need to adress it because the level of ignornace in the comments on a post at @/90sfeminst account nearly killed me. A bit of history: The Rastas did not wear dreads as a fashion statement. They didn't grow dreads to look cool or hip. The Rastas grew dreads for serious reasons. For one, they interpreted the following Biblical verses literally: Leviticus 21:5 Numbers 6:5 Furthermore, the Rastas grew dreads as a sign of protest against traditional European standards, which demonized anything and everything black. The wearing of dreads exemplified black pride in a society that taught black people that everything about them -- including their hair -- was shameful. The wearing of dreadlocks as we know it came from a movement meant to inspire and uplift black people. It was a highly spiritual thing. It was not about privileged hipster kids looking for something to rebel against. Indeed, dreads were something you only saw Rastas wearing. But after Bob hit the scene, that all changed. The problem: We all know what cultural appropriation is but cultural appropriation becomes an issue when a person fails to recognize the importance or significance of foreign cultural practices and instead turns those practices into something without substance or meaning.  The privileged can shed whatever marginalized identity they choose to put on, and still be White at the end of the day. As someone who wears locs, when I see a White person wearing them, I just can’t help but cringe. My hair is more than an aesthetic choice, it is a cultural and political expression.

by ohno_itsafeminist


Bella Beretta, Brittny Babe – Twice the cum http://bit.ly/1GLPd13

– Bella Beretta, Brittny Babe – Twice The Cum (2015/HD) http://bit.ly/1AkGoGU