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High-Tech: MilGov M16EZ

In use the EZ model was inaccurate, unreliable, and often dangerous to the user. But it succeeded admirably because it fulfilled its purpose. It retained the basic silhouette of the M16 rifle and lent an air of authority to any force armed with it; the militia looked less rag-tag when it was not armed with deer rifles. 433 more words


Remembering Twilight: 2000

I’ve been playing Pen and Paper RPGs off and on now for 30+ years. I originally started back in 8th grade with my brother and a couple of my neighborhood friends with the… 734 more words

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Twilight 2000: Good Luck.

I ended my month off from running games with  a oneshot of Twilight 2000, version 2.2. In retrospect it probably wasn’t the best choice, because T2K is a crunchy-ass mother fucker of a game, but I always loved the setting: There’s nothing like being lost behind enemy lines when the entire world is going to shit. 493 more words