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The Hunter and the Lamb chapter 2

Chapter 2
Or how Bella is conveniently in the right place at the right time 4,024 more words

Bella Swan

The Hunter and the Lamb Chapter 1

Here it is, the seven chapter fic that basically massacres my favourite TV show. You ready?

No, neither are we. 2,325 more words

Bella Swan

Hunter and the Lamb - Intro and Counts

Well, have you ever watched Supernatural and thought ‘Hey! What this show needs is a whiny, irrational, stereotypical Sue clinging onto Dean Winchester for no reason other than the Suethor thinks he’s hot?’ Then this fic is for you. 925 more words

Bella Swan

The Host by Stephenie Meyer // Book Review

Hey everyone! This is a discussion on The Host by Stephenie Meyer.
I’m giving the Ruby Red trilogy a break, before I dive into the last book, so I’m not sure when I’ll be uploading an Emerald Green review. 831 more words


Why, or why don't you think the writing of the Twilight books are bad?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

Thank you for the A2A.

I don’t think they’re ‘bad’. ‘Bad writing’ is a big word. The most important reason why I don’t think they’re exactly ‘bad’ is because I’ve seen much worse. 484 more words


Scalped cast Alex Meraz as Dashiell Bad Horse

Deadline have revealed that Alex Meraz (Suicide Squad,  Bone Tomahawk, Twilight Saga)  will play the role of Dashiell Bad Horse in the upcoming comic book adaptation of… 25 more words


For the nostalgia - the Twilight Saga (from the point of view of an adult)

Hey guys.

So I went home at Christmas and, while I was browsing all my old books that never made the cut to come up to Aberdeen with me, I found my old Twilight books. 857 more words