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Breaking Dawn-Stephenie Meyer Review

I finished Breaking Dawn earlier this week and it’s been so long since I was able to finish a book that fast. I had a serious book hangover. 307 more words


Eclipse-Stephenie Meyer Review

This is the second time I have read this book. The first time I read it I was between the ages of 10-12. Of course I thought it was the best book ever and I wanted the romance Bella had. 381 more words


Addicted To Reading

I swear that people know when I stay up till the early hours of the morning reading because all of a sudden everyone needs me. If I went to bed at 8pm like a good girl I bet no-one would need me for days. 69 more words


Review: Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer

Twilight #4

Bella Swan is finally marrying her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen. Her father Charlie seems to be accepting this all the more, though he is still not thrilled. 1,159 more words


In Defense of Edward Cullen…No Shades of Grey

“50 Shades of Grey” was the spawn of self-confessed “Twilight” fan EL James.  “Twilight” was her inspiration so it is called “fan-fiction”.  It is termed as the “adult” version of the teen love story. 516 more words


Fifty Shades of Disappointment?

First, there was The Twilight Saga. Four books that weren’t particularly well-written, but were sort of appealing… Apart from the ridiculous fact that there was no action. 479 more words

Sex In The City

Vamp VS. Vamp

I’ve wondered in the past why Stephenie Meyer decided to make her vampires sparkly? Was it to make them appear more likable and romantic. The big difference is probable due to the fact is the… 145 more words