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When I look out the window,

The golden sun sets low,

So bright, on its own

But in the sky, all alone.

This view is unlimited… 122 more words


Gold-Washed Twilight

In gold-washed twilight

Heat-heavy evergreens

Glimmer, filigreed,

Eager for cooled-down night…


Wind chimes call to evensong,

Drowsy mauve clouds beckon

Sleep with un-tossed dreams– 10 more words


Behind Me

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I was followed by an invisible man while out jogging.

I could hear his footsteps frequently, but he was never visible.

An old man with eyes like a fly’s watched me go by. 61 more words



Somebody lied, how can I forgive? am angry, its not possible, its not realistic, its either the tunnel is longer than expected or  we have entered another tunnel, cos it just does not add up, or maybe the light left the end of the tunnel because we are probably the authors of those lies, or we allowed our hearts to be beguiled into believing that patience gives birth to fatness, we followed the rules, yet just like Esau we are twice as offended. 521 more words


Twilight And Other Things You're Not Supposed To Like.

Some time ago now, I wrote a post on my Tumblr about how we’re dictated what to like and what to not like. Some less time ago, I wrote specifically on the… 625 more words


At Dusk

darkness encroaches

two little paws poised to go

large round eyes peeking

soft pink nose sniffing the air

whiskers twitching with promise

I was inspired to write this tanka haiku by our regular brushtail possum visitors. 8 more words


Guilty Pleasure

It’s all a jumble up there in my head. This story wants to get out, that story wants to get out.

But they’re all jammed together at the door. 18 more words