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Dream Your Next Great Story (6 reasons to dream journal)

The search for great content is a never-ending path that all writers travel.

In recent years a few successful writers have announced that their ideas came to them from a dream. 693 more words


That Moment In Twilight (2008)

The tagline for this website is a bit of a trap. It reads: Every Movie Has One Great Moment, which might be true but is a lot like saying… 2,518 more words


DHC #27

twilight quartet

dim eyes. fierce will for..
gotten thoughts. naps before noon.
twilight comes to us.

How to say goodbye;
too early, too late. too hard. 34 more words



I feel wierd blogging at 1:27pm, im used to blogging very late at night or early morning, but as i’m still in bed and have practically nothing better to do i thought id blog. 1,021 more words

light and depth of field

as seen on my facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/creationexplanation?fref=ts , i have been experimenting with different lighting, and depth of field. I took these photos at the time just before twilight.


My Five Reading Confessions

Everyone has something to confess and I thought it would be a good idea to share with you five of confessions about my reading adventure. I am sure everyone has a reading confession, I would love to hear about your confessions, so tell me in the comments below! 256 more words

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