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Not a Better Love Story Than 'Twilight': Harry Potter

Guys. We gotta talk. Not about Twilight, necessarily, but about love stories. I frequently hear the phrase “still a better love story than Twilight… 1,273 more words

Geek Rant

Stephenie Meyer's 'Life and Death' Serves as a Reminder that Great Things Come with Time

I just finished reading Stephenie Meyer’s tenth-anniversary book Life and Death, a reimagining of Twilight. At first, I was skeptical because it felt like it would just be a gender-bent version of Twilight and I feared that it would have the exact same outcome somehow. 482 more words


Snowy Woods

Working on poems for one of my next Nature Series chapter books on the subject of Trees. This poem was inspired by a winter walk in the woods yesterday afternoon in the fading light. 109 more words



I love twilight. Not the vampire series, but the moment when you’re looking at the trees and the sun is setting and all of a sudden, the trees look inky black. 208 more words

Sunset Flight

Salient and not at all subtle
Valiant when it’s called for
Calling in to cover all bases
Phones ring in unison
Slowing getting louder… 114 more words


Review of Stephenie Meyer's 'Life and Death'

In all honesty, this book was awful.

For the first thirteen pages, I complained after every other sentence. I think that Stephenie Meyer literally went through her Word document that was… 387 more words

Book Recipes: How to Write a YA Paranormal Romance

Time for another book recipe – the last one of 2017. This time I’ll be looking at YA paranormal romances, so grab the nearest mythological creature and get ready to fall in love. 2,148 more words

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