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Twilight Fanfic: Family Business Ch30 Sneak Peek

Since I’ve decided to finish off the MLP fanfiction in one go I decided to post you a little sneak peek of the next chapter of Family Business. 4,526 more words


In Between

Autumn sun shining in a gentle way

let’s me know that there is a season

of twilight,

the in between of heat and cold, a place of quiet… 59 more words

My Review of Vampire Knight

Cross Academy was founded by the wealthy Kaien Cross to facilitate the idealized cohabitation of what would otherwise be considered predator and prey. Nestled away quiet and secluded in the woods, the students at this prestigious academy are segregated… Er, I mean, separated… Into two different classes. 2,796 more words


The Lazy Reader's Guide: November

Life and Death

Edythe and Beau have a date where they profess their love, and Edythe vampiresplains everything. Then, Beau meets Edythe’s family because despite how long and boring this book is, things also move at an inexplicably rapid pace. 358 more words



Twilight quickens

In the sweep of cloud

Hastening towards the darkness

Of night’s heavy shroud

Past the finger of the signpost

Pointing the way

Past the country church… 23 more words



I did a critique the other day on a Vampire Story.

My first thought was, “oh… Another one of those.” How… commonplace.  I’m not going to lie; these days I wonder often which undead will win the great war between vampire revolution or zombie apocalypse. 475 more words


Rejection dejection!

Are you an aspiring author who is feeling down about the number of rejections you’ve received? Instead of engaging in some retail therapy this Black Friday, take five minutes out of your writing schedule to peruse  114 more words