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Troiku: Hunter

-By Linda Lee Lyberg

Eventide shadows

Racing against Mother moon

Barn owl hunting prey 39 more words


The Long Arctic Winter

It has been a month since we arrived on station and we have settled into our roles. Every week seems to bring some form of excitement to keep things interesting, and we’ve had a few good wind storms, but thankfully nothing too dramatic. 547 more words


Photography ~ At the end of Nautical Twilight, Fayetteville, North Carolina–11/16

Timing & Length

The duration of each twilight phase depends on the latitude and the time of the year. In locations where the Sun is directly overhead at noon – for example at the Equator during the equinoxes – the Sun traverses the horizon at an angle of 90°, making for swift transitions between night and day and relatively short twilight phases.

47 more words


The ocean is one of the least expensive forms of therapy. I found this painting I did a while back. It shows the calming effect that the ocean brings to our life. 127 more words


Twilight Zone

…I think sometimes I’m inspired to create art when I’m in my lowest moments. I may not showcase it to the world at those times, but its within those dark spaces where inspiration strikes. 694 more words


Nightly Hauntings

We are surrounded by ghosts

Look closely at the night sky

Many a star there are dead

Twilight is an illusion

A veil to the other realm that is constantly witnessed… 6 more words

Aoede's Influence

My mind feels nothing lately. I sit here, at a computer desk, fingers poised over keys, typing emptiness.

“Ah, you have writer’s block,” you may observe. 450 more words

Short Story