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They say that everyone as a doppelganger living somewhere else in world. Chances are you finding your doppelganger is very rare. Every since I taken this particular job I found doppelgangers of my friends along my travels, they are not an exact replica of them but in appearance wise they look very similar. 232 more words

TWiN60 Episode 3: iOS 7 is Here!

Why hello there, Asdaqua fans! This is another installment of our brand new show, TWiN60, which covers the week’s news in 60 seconds or less. This week, we talk about the Navy Yard massacre last Monday, as well as the release of Apple’s brand new version of iOS. Stay tuned!



Half of the time I don’t understand what you’re saying but I’m willing to try…

Because communication is what I would say as important in a relationship. 6 more words


Married Young

The idea doesn’t scare me anymore like when I wrote the total contrast of this topic at sixteen years old. Because I have found my soul mate, the true best friend and can’t think of how it can hurt me. 91 more words



I’m always the one who screws up. I don’t know. I suck, I just suck. I degrade him. I hurt him with pure intention. I throw him away when I’m bored. 135 more words



We can be as wealthy as possible.

We can have the whole empire.

We have all the money in the world.

You make me feel like I live my life on those movies.


Hotel Transylvania

We went on a date, he bought and recommended this dvd “Hotel Transylvania”. At first, I was sure that he wanted to promote the comedy genre of the movie yet actually he just wanted to diverse my sad-depressed movie genre into somewhat romantic-comedy and that was why I could fall back in love with him. 38 more words