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My Interview With Josh Eisenstadt: Part 1

I recently had the chance to speak with filmmaker Josh Eisenstadt. In the Twin Peaks community, Josh is known as one of the first super fans and can even be found in the documentary… 5,130 more words

The Return

Melancholy Apocalypse: The Leftovers

2017.61 & 62: The Leftovers Seasons Two and Three

There’s all sorts of ways to interpret The Leftovers. It’s a strange/ambient series akin to David Lynch’s… 657 more words


TV Show Quotes #3

“I feel like I know her, but sometimes, my arms bend back.” -Laura Palmer in the Red Room (Twin Peaks)

{BTW: she said it both in the old series and the new series}

"It is happening ... again"

In preparation for something long-form I’m writing with a friend, The Scientific Anglian will for a while be given over to a series of short, quickly-written posts, each a stream of consciousness review of a single episode of… 9 more words


Five things that Doctor Who could learn from Twin Peaks (part two)

(If you missed Part One, it’s available here.)

Now, where were we…?

3. Resolutions are for wimps

It’s funny how the words “What year is this?” sound great at the beginning of a… 2,195 more words

Doctor Who

Welcome to Twin Peaks: Disinterment, Voyeurism, Resurrection and Reflections

And so we return and begin again. Of course, it would have been hard given the serendipity of the timing, not to begin with Laura Palmer’s ambiguous statement to Agent Cooper trapped in the mysterious Red Room, echoing down the intervening years, giving vain hope to us die-hard… 3,807 more words

The Return

Matt Bubala Full Show 11-17-17: Turkey Day plans, Twin Peaks and diners

This week, Ed Darack joins Matt Bubala to discuss his new book. Later on, Matt shares details with Roger Badesch and listeners about his recent trip to Portland and the best and worst diners in the area.  32 more words

Matt Bubala