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Twin twin peaks: L-shapes

A few years ago, I watched the original Twin Peaks series. I became obsessed with photographing and filming the television screen in ways that incorporated the reflection of what I was filming into the scene that I was filming. 359 more words


Death by Desire

Ready for our next Christmas mystery?

Death by Desire (Caribbean Murder #4) by Jaden Skye

This time Cindy and Mattheus head to St. Bart’s a few days before Christmas. 194 more words

Christmas Mysteries

The Essential Wrapped in Plastic: Pathways to Twin Peaks by John Thorne

Wrapped In Plastic was the authoritative (if not official) fanzine of Twin Peaks for thirteen years during and after the show and the follow-up movie, … 401 more words


Twin Peaks Sclusie: Episode 5 - The One Armed Man

We’re going to get into every episode of Twin Peaks, and here is Episode 5: The One-Armed Man. One of us has never watched the show, and the other has watched it more than he’d like to admit. 46 more words

Asinine Radio

SSSS.Gridman and the Question of Genre

At a Studio Trigger panel at Anime NYC 2018, an interesting exchange occurred. During the Q&A session, the topic of Trigger’s preferred genres came up, and producer Wakabayashi Hiromi asked the audience what genre they thought the studio’s latest anime, SSSS.Gridman was about. 371 more words


Must See Teen-Drama: Riverdale

We’ve all been there. You just finished binging your most recent Netflix find and you don’t know what to do next. Well, luckily The CW has a new show called Riverdale that is perfect for binging. 681 more words