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GUSTAVO CASTANER: “22 Results From Embodying Your Higher Self” — Circle of the Dolphins

The Higher Self is the blissful superconscious higher mind part of ourselves that is the expression of Divine Love, spiritual wisdom, and creative power. During spiritual awakening, our personal consciousness grows to become aware of the greater parts of ourselves.

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Twin Flame Q&A: concerns about twin

SARAH: I’m scared that my twin is going to cheat on me. Recently he has been reflecting this fear of mine. He has said some things that are making me think he has been, or will be, unfaithful to me and that he definitely wants to. 380 more words

Twin Flame

Twin Flame Q&A: fear of loss

MICHAEL: There is so much fear inside my solar plexus right now.

DAVID: What are you afraid of?

MICHAEL: I’m afraid of losing my twin.  225 more words

Twin Flame

Twin Flame Q&A: family issues

JENNY: I am hurting so much. I heard my family talking (without knowing I was still present) about my twin flame relationship. They said it was just illusion, that it will never happen and I should look for a more suitable man because years have passed and I still don’t have my own family. 161 more words

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SOPHIE GREGOIRE: “Message For Twin Flames ~ Trust Your Own Inner Knowing”

“Twin Souls are ‘committed’ to each other but they don’t need to say it.  They’ve agreed to come together in this life but this requires no words, no rings, no schedules or timelines. 

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Ready for 2017


Will be a number one year in numerology.

Its all about new beginnings and fresh starts.

We are currently completing the last of a 9 year of completion. 72 more words


Refuge - #RomanticTuesday #Love #Poetry

The Soft sound of His Breath

Whispers Delicately infused in Whispers

The Light Shiver of His Touch

Sighs subtly imbued in Sighs

The Tender Embrace of His Love… 27 more words