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The Soul Family: Soulmates, Twin Flames, & Kindred Spirits. ~ Kelly Owens

Every single one of us is a cosmic being, connected to the earth, the universe, and each other in a way that only a few can recognize. 966 more words

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Cherish The Woman

I want to be your imagination

Your illusion

But also

Before fragmentation

Your Truth

The lack of confusion

Don’t think im aloof

My intensions are pure… 45 more words

Twin Flames- LIONS GATE- PORTAL OF DIVINE LOVE & UNION by Patricia McNeilly

Published on Aug 1, 2015

Hello! Lions Gate August 2015 – This is the “Portal to the Power of the Heart. For Twin Flames the Heliacal rising of the Star Sirius ( the Dog Star) and our Sun is in alignment at this time of year. 454 more words

Twin Flames: Delusion & Questioning Sanity

There hasn’t been a day gone by since my separation of my twin and my discovery of Twin Flame lore three months after where I haven’t thought that I was going crazy. 2,470 more words

Confusion of Opposites

We came from the same heart

I don’t like his personality

It destroys mine

He often laughs at me

At my traits

I laugh at his… 32 more words

Twin Flames: One Soul Two Hearts or One Heart Two Souls?

There has something that has been bothering me about the generic Twin Flame literature that is commonly spread throughout the community, and it is this aspect of the one soul split into two. 1,788 more words