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Twin Flames and The Law of Attraction-2017

I’m feeling moved and called to write this blog post today because there is a lot of misinformation out there in regards to Twin Flames… 2,020 more words



How is it possible that no one has ever loved you

Simply because you are you

I sit here thinking about that statement you made and I wonder… 235 more words


A Million Reasons to Love You

I love you for taking the time to read all of my chapters, and allowing me to read all of yours.

I love you for saving me from the danger, by empowering me to save myself. 368 more words


Romantic Tuesday - #Loveuary❤️

A Divine Plan


I do believe that true love is

A story that begins

Long before both people meet

One soul that’s split in twins 128 more words


Twin Souls - When Love Incarnates

Instead of a song, I want to share a video today which touched my heart to its core. I wrote about twin flames in my Tuesday poem and was looking for a fitting song. 110 more words


Planetary Rite of Passage - Thriving Through the Apocalypse, Guided by your Twin Soul

The true meaning of Apocalypse means ‘revelations’ and in our case, the huge revelations about what’s really happening on the world stage is leading us through a classic rite of passage into initiation and enlightenment over the next two to three years. 241 more words

Ordo Ab Chao

Twin Flame Healing and Separation Cycle - Why?

I don’t know about you but contact with twin, for me, is incredibly healing. I was given, by Higher Self guidance, to understand that the Twin Flame pair comprises the entirety of source, as a union, resulting in the two “filling each other up” with unlimited energy when in contact. 427 more words

Twin Flames