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Love of Working (on Myself)

I’m full of joy in my heart these days.  Not because my life is anywhere near perfect (not at all *ahem*) but because I’m learning to appreciate the small things again.   1,007 more words

Twin Flames

Thinking about death daily inspires creativity, compassion, and change [Twin Souls Part 83]

Thinking about death 5 times a day is the key to happiness according to Bhutanese. 

“Rich people in the West, they have not touched dead bodies, fresh wounds, rotten things. 544 more words


The only Sign that can make you sure someone is your true twin flame!

Some twin flames or people who claim to be “twin flames” are so confused with the signs and still not sure! If There is only one sign that can make you say this person is your twin flame for sure It’s the One Soul that you share with this person ,So how can you tell for sure you share the same Soul?! 263 more words


Children of a Lesser Sharia - interpretations of the Corrupted Sharia

I squirmed nervously in my chair at a recent interfaith conference as a dear colleague tackled the controversial topic: “Is Sharia compatible with the America Constitution?” Thankfully, he nimbly navigated the situation with declarations that sharia (Islamic law) melds with democratic, developed world values such as freedom of religion and expression (2:256), presumption of innocence (49:6), gender equity (4:32, 33:35), social safety nets (9:60), rule of law (33:60), and strong ethics (70:21-70:33). 920 more words

Robert Chaen's First Maldivian Adventure with a Transformed Intern called Lubna Ali

This is my “First Maldivian Adventure with Lubna Ali” Story. She was hired in a tough Group Interview Intern Contest that eliminated 6 others. She is Change… 720 more words


Until Eternity Unwinds - #RomanticTuesday

Oh Man of my Love,
Who Fills this Heart with Unending Rhyme; 72 more words


Countdown to Maldives (Worlds's 5th most populated Island):

Pic: Soneva Fushi Maldives

Malé & Airport, Maldives

I’m going to the 5th most populated island on Earth, after Ap Lei Chau HK (2nd), and before Manhattan (8th), Tsing Yi HK (13), Hong Kong Island (17), Cheung Chau HK (28), Singapore (31), Penang (48) = Malé, Maldives. 132 more words