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Searching for My Better Whole: When 1/2 Just Won't Do

Love is a funny thing. We say things, like he’s my better-half, not really knowing what that means. To love half of a person is great undertaking. 577 more words


The Woo Woo Lost & Found Story of My Wedding Ring

On 14 November 2017 at around 7:30pm I realized that I had lost my Twin Souls Wedding Band yet again! It was the next day after moving office to our new place in Starhill KL, after a very long day of unpacking with the movers, and going to Telekom Malaysia to terminate our old telephone line. 690 more words


Why twin flames have to separate?

Why twin flames have to separate?

To understand twin flame separation ,we have to look at the story of Adam and Eve,the first twin souls on Earth and Every twin flame couple are following the same pattern of Adam and Eve… 467 more words



Why seek out what dwells in Your heart?
The seas beguile You,
A star guides You.
I dance on the moon,
I flirt with the stars. 75 more words


New Love 

Addictive, seductive

Alluring, erotic
And soul satiating
But what is new love?
Is it some kind of spell?
Made up of
Both equal parts… 229 more words


Heart Bloom

There is an exquisite vulnerability shared between two souls together in Love, it persists beyond all logic, linking both together from one lifetime to another. It can be forgotten and also recovered, not just to it’s former strength, but made greater. 322 more words


The Ghost of Captain Zaharie whispered WHERE, WHY & WHAT happened to MH370 – Part 2

I continued whispering with Captain Zaharie one day later in this Part 2 – as he kept repeating himself in Part 1, and did not proceed further what happened after he found out the crew and passengers were sleeping and some with head injuries. 1,398 more words