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Where is the Soul, Guardian Angels, Heaven, Devil, or God 101? [Twin Souls Part 92]

Where is the Soul, Guardian Angels, Heaven, Devil, or God 101?

The Soul, your soul by itself has no physical dimensions, time, or Karma. 902 more words



“Sanctified,” by Carolyn Glackin.

We were each other’s undoing. The light in one shining upon the dark in the other, until every last hidden aspect of the ego was revealed, dismantled, and healed. 32 more words


Repeating numbers/Angel numbers

Lots of people are seeing a lot of repeating numbers 11.11 22.22 13.13 etc

I feel its a message to pay attention and look for syncronicities, opportunities and confirmation on our path, 79 more words


In the Stillness 

“In the Stillness,” by Carolyn Glackin.
She always sought him out at night when the world around them fell silent and people for miles around dozed peacefully in their nocturnal slumber. 119 more words


In His Heart 

Always and forever

I longed to be in his arms
Where I was loved and cherished
Kept safe from any harm

But life is often busy… 110 more words


Twin Flames and The Law of Attraction-2017

I’m feeling moved and called to write this blog post today because there is a lot of misinformation out there in regards to Twin Flames… 2,020 more words



How is it possible that no one has ever loved you

Simply because you are you

I sit here thinking about that statement you made and I wonder… 235 more words