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Oversoul Rainbows and Bands

My guides have given me a construct which places me in a group of 12 souls.

A metaphor can be used to describe an oversoul: a rainbow. 638 more words



Love makes us feel crazy things. Wrote this while watching a monsoon storm roll in just now.


Dark and light.
Love and hate.
Right and wrong. 148 more words


twin soul

Twin Souls: George and Charlotte. The Walk-Out’s Mother and Father. A Depiction of their Soul Union. the words say “why he does not allow assistance to come thru” and “rainfall”. 139 more words

Light Language

Intuitive guidence

today I want to share with you two books that are very close to my heart. They came into my awareness when I needed them and gave me my first knowledge about two halves of the soul. 88 more words

Lily Dale Workshop this July: Journey to Spiritual Partnerships

You may know that I have been teaching at Lily Dale, NY since 2012.  Well this year I am expanding my teachings, so this class will not be the same course I have taught in Lily Dale, online, or in various other locations on twin flames, soul connections, and soul mates.   219 more words

Events And News


Working right now on the internet’s interplanetary expansion,
appearances point to IPv12 to provide all that we’ll need
to be heard above the din of inter-creative force, a border protocol… 23 more words


I don´t know...

I don´t know what to say…
I don´t understand..guess I´m stupid…
but I do understand real Love and
I do understand NO…