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My Paradise

You, holding my hand

It means the world to me

When wrapped in your strong arms

That’s where I want to be

Each word you say to me… 100 more words


Monad and Twin Flame Reunion

This YouTube video is based on the work of Dr. Joshua David Stone Monad and Twin Flame Reunion. He wrote about spiritual psychology, and was a teacher and spoke predominantly about Ascension. 85 more words


Sacred Union & Twin Flame Confusion

For the last seven years, I’ve listened to the Twin Flame community. While it’s nice to have a support system, I feel the community does mislead individuals. 1,658 more words

Twin Flames

Examining your shadows...soul work

Examining your “shadows” helps you grow, learn your life lessons. Burying them, not acknowledging them leads to blockages, stagnation and false sense of purpose.


#BrahmaKumarisCantExplain Series. Brahma Kumaris is The World's #1 Doomsday Cult

#BrahmaKumarisCantExplain Series
Brahma Kumaris is The World’s #1 Doomsday Cult

Q.  Why do I describe Brahma Kumaris as the World’s #1 Doomsday Cult?
A.  Only BKs claim that ALL humans beings (an estimated 8.9 Billion) will die en masse by the end of the world in 2036 as predicted by their god Shiva Baba (at the end of Confluence Age which will also be the 100th Anniversary of BKs). 2,928 more words


It's Karmic Game Over Soon for Brahma Kumaris and Bapdada 

It’s Karmic Game Over Soon for Brahma Kumaris and Bapdada 

18 January is Brahma Baba’s memorial day.

It is 18 years remaining before Baba’s delusional prediction of the end of the world (Iron Age) when all the estimated 8.9 Billion Iron-Aged humans and all Brahma Kumaris must die by 2036. 495 more words


Awakening...Soul Work

Awaken to the possibility of remembering and connecting with your twin soul, with all sparks.