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True love is unconditional. It is a state of being, not simply a feeling. It does not require anyone or anything to be any particular way, and that includes loving in return. 110 more words

I had no idea what “intuition” really was when I started out on this journey a year and a half ago.

At first, I simply looked into astrology to see what my love forecasts were. 340 more words

Question: Why does the runner run?
Answer: Because the relationship is painful and confusing.

Question: Why does the chaser chase?
Answer: Because the relationship is painful and confusing. 169 more words

Happy Together

We won’t be happy together

Until you understand the other side


I know how much it hurts. But trust! Everything turns out well in the end. Keep going, keep following through on your guidance. A miracle is occurring – slowly, but surely… <3

Confused, hurt, and unsure of what to do? 1. Listen to your intuition 2. Trust it, don’t second guess 3. This is not going to be easy for a while 4. Have faith. <3

Recommended book

Another beautiful book which I read after the encouragement from Nathan & Aline from divinepollination.com: ~Ishtar Babilu Dingir, ‘The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar’. If you’re interested in shamanism this book will definatelly broaden your horizons.