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Hang in There, Mama!

When I first had the idea to start blogging about my pregnancy and being a new mom, I planned to be writing all of the time. 760 more words

5 ways to help you cope with twins

Oooh double trouble! You’ll have your hands full! Rather you than me!! These are just a selection of the huge array of comments I was met with when I announced that we had not just one, but two buns in my oven.  683 more words

Parenting Tips

It's official

I am now the mother of 6. Yes dear friends on Tuesday the twins adoption was signed, sealed, and delivered…..they are mine. Not that they haven’t been all along but with a multiple personality bi polar mother, I had to fear her irrational behavior. 26 more words

Raising Grandkids

A Letter to My Daughter

Dear Daughter,

Sometime I sit and think about the first time you came into my life.  I remember looking at this scared little girl thinking how beautiful you were.   820 more words

Raising Grandkids

Two year old wellness visit, flu shots, oh my! #Toddlerlife

School this year has kicked my booty. I probably say that every year, but this year has kept me busy and we are only one month in! 828 more words


Crazy time

Life has been crazy to say the least.  The boys are growing so fast and made the decision that they could no longer be contained by a mere crib.  748 more words

Raising Grandkids

The twins are TWO! whoa.

The boys turned TWO on Sunday! TWO!! TWO I TELL YOU! I can’t even believe it. These boys own my heart. Their laughter is infectious. The snuggles are the best part of my day. 166 more words