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Moms Don't Need Sleep, No Really..We Don't ;)

I never imagined I could ever “miss” sleeping, but then I became a mother to twins 25 months ago, and I have not slept a solid 2 hours since. 1,001 more words

5 things I learned from having twins (plus 1)

Two years ago today, the doctors finally took pity on my poor, bloated body and delivered my twin sons at 37 weeks and 5 days, and our little family of three (Dreamy, me and two-year old Bisky) changed forever. 991 more words

Twins' own world

Today was a slow day.

The time change due to daylight saving time affected all of us and the boys are still waking up one hour later than usual, which is nice for me! 270 more words


Brief power outage. Easy baby meal idea: "Onigiri" rice balls

Today we went to our good friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday party.

They had Paw Patrol themed party. OMG it was so cute. I should have taken pictures but I didn’t… Our boys were so busy and determined to move everywhere and touch everything that they are not supposed to, so I was so busy just to chase them (They still put everything in their mouth so when we are not at our house, I really have to watch out..) and try to feed them snacks. 298 more words


It's OK to Keep it Simple!

(Noah (L) and Nikoh (R) sipping their favorite breakfast shakes ~ March 2016)

One of the most stressful aspects of raising my twin boys over the last two years has always been the battle that occurs when it’s time to feed them. 638 more words

Catching up with friends

Today we went to meet up with my friend and her husband for lunch.

We had yummy Vietnamese food. The boys loved their jasmine rice and chicken & vegetable stir fry. 326 more words


Spring is here

I was going to upload this entry yesterday but the boys had a really bad night that I couldn’t have any time writing my blog after they went to bed. 164 more words