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Anne, Chris, Colette, and Graham || Twin Toddler Portrait Photography

It’s such a blessing getting to spend time with and capture moments for families, especially with young children who have such diverse personalities. Add in to that mix when there are twins and they bounce off of each other or just know what the other is thinking, it’s awesome. 16 more words

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Twin Toddlerhood - The 18 Month Chronicles

I thought that life with two toddlers (and a preschooler) was, quite possibly, going to be a nightmare.

There. I said it.

I love my girls – don’t misunderstand me there. 731 more words

Attempted Parenting

#MicroblogMondays Twin Talk

You’ve all seen it.

That video of the two twin toddler boys having this great conversation about…..something, all while using only “dadadadada” or some variation. 126 more words


I'm thankful for crazy.

I’ve been patting myself on the back lately. Mainly, for talking myself out of my own head.

See, I’m kind of a Type-A person. More like a B+, but close enough. 960 more words

97 weeks and 6 days | Cutting the apron strings...

This week has seen my babies through one of their biggest milestones yet! Yesterday, they went to nursery for the very first time. Such a huge step — for them and us — it’s incredible to think that those two tiny, mewling, creatures, born just last year, who depended on me for… 419 more words

Life With The Twinkles

(I'm in) Double Trouble

One of my Speech Therapy kiddos was joined by his ABA therapist during his session yesterday. She, like many others, react to the fact that I have twins with a bit of shock. 272 more words


Twins are F***ING AWESOME

Twins are fucking awesome. We have definitely entered that phase of toddlerhood where everything they do is either pee yourself funny or so cute you want to squeeze them forever. 822 more words