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8 New Year’s Resolutions for Preemie Moms

If you’re a mom to a preemie baby, or preemie twins like I am, chances are you’ve heard all of these tips — or proposed resolutions — before. 822 more words

These sweet days of 'wook at me', 'why' and 'one more time'...

No pictures, please

Self-made booster seat (no #nobens were harmed)

Sometimes you gotta get into your beachwear and DANCE

And sometimes you gotta sleep

Bisky’s audience… 975 more words

Why Being a Preemie Mama Rocks

Giving birth to my premature twin boys evoked a lot of emotions for me as a new mom. During those first few weeks in the NICU, the joy I expected to feel was overshadowed by hardships and heartaches as I watched my babies struggle to develop and constantly worried about the potential short and long term effects prematurity would have on them. 615 more words

Breath-Holding Spells 'Common,' But Terrifying

We are smack in the middle of a double dose of the “terrible twos” at my house, which for my twin boys started well before they were 2 and now include terrifying breath-holding spells. 1,256 more words

Heartbreaking Accidents Will Happen...

From the moment my twin boys were mobile (crawling, cruising around the furniture, walking and running), I became fixated on baby proofing our house to keep them safe. 1,961 more words

'Mothering' Through the NICU Heartache

When I first stepped inside the neonatal intensive care unit to see my preemie twin boys,  I was the epitome of a new mom.

I was terrified at the thought of holding my tiny babies, shell shocked at what my babies and I had been through over the previous three days in the hospital (*I delivered Noah and Nikoh at 29 weeks, via emergency C-section), consumed with heartache and physical pain and overwhelmed at the thought of instant, premature twin motherhood. 2,135 more words