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In memoriam to the Twin Towers

I stumbled upon this old photograph in my archives. Took this 1992, at the age of 17, with my Nikkormat camera and a 300mm lens, waiting for a connection flight at the airport of Newark. 97 more words

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Why is Israel Calling the Shots? A New Hypothesis

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.

Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


   One of my favorite grad-school professors was fond of saying “What the world needs is not more answers, but more questions.” With our community’s focus on suspects for the crimes of 9/11 now pivoting back toward blaming the Mossad and Israel as the chief perpetrators, or co-perpetrators perhaps (a tempting allegation, though not yet precisely proven), maybe the time is ripe for consideration of an at least alternative hypothesis. 632 more words


The Alan Moore Jerusalem interview tapes, #9: what REALLY happened on 9/11

Following my feature on Alan Moore’s Jerusalem, I’ve been posting edited highlights from the 30,000-word interview transcript. Yesterday, Moore talked about his dealings with Anonymous and Occupy. 827 more words

Ordinary Day...

Read Luke 1

Focus on verse 8-9

Fifteen years ago on the eleventh day of September 2001 the sun rose on New York City just like any ordinary day. 580 more words

Daily Devotional

Is Gander In Canada?

We just headed off to Gander, Newfoundland for a quick trip. So where is Gander, you might ask? We knew this place was a bit off the beaten path when we checked into our flights on Air Canada, and Jessie, the Air Canada agent, asked “is Gander in Canada?” 472 more words


The Odd Woman

People when they visit foreign countries have a fascination to buy trinkets reminiscent of the cultures of that country. I bought the replica of the Twin Towers when I was in Malaysia. 44 more words

Slow down. Just for a minute.

Peaceful is not a word to describe New York City.

If it isn’t commuters bashing you with briefcases on the Metro (polite apologies aplenty up and down the carriages), it’s tourists elbowing you as they open their magic-carpet maps, dutifully guiding them to landmarks; checking off their city must-sees before they catch the red-eye back to reality. 538 more words

9/11 Memorial