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This is not food - at the local family dollar store......

I love to explore local food culture when I travel. I peruse supermarket aisles.  Countries and regions within them have their own favourite foods and it tells you so much about where you have landed – socio-demographically, and about how important how and what you eat is to the local population, from the local family dollar store I deduce that the population is not too well off – the packaging is large, the prices low, our inn-keeper confirms this assessment. 374 more words

Random Thoughts And Daily Musings

RJ vs. Infinite

RJ doesn’t shy from a fight. The immovable appetite meets the irresistible (and indestructible) snack cake.


: aren't you a doll :

A couple weeks ago I had the epiphany at Barnes & Noble, remember? The one where I realized I’m compulsive. I’d caught myself straightening and organizing the magazines, which were in chaos, I might add. 407 more words


May the Slack Be With You

 You’ll notice in this one that RJ and Hammy are actually being nice to Verne. Though with the same negative result. Verne can’t win for lose. 9 more words


Pass Me That Twinkie ....

A recent study in Sweden has confirmed this.  Researchers took samples of fat cells from volunteers over the course of several years; they discovered that no matter how much the subjects’ weights changed, their number of fat cells remained the same.

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Stupid Product Of The Day: The Home Twinkie Maker

Maybe you got scared during those few months when Twinkies disappeared from the shelves and you thought, “I never want to live in a world without Twinkies again.” If so, this MIGHT be a better option than hoarding boxes of ’em. 164 more words