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Daylight Slacking Time

I love this! Great, terrific job by T. A slight idea made great with art.

Today T gets ALL the credit.

Tomorrow: back to work.

Comic Commentary

Halloween Twinkies

This weekend I bought some Halloween Twinkies.

Hostess has released a limited edition of Chocolate Cake Twinkies with S’Cream filling.

I like the design of the box with the bats and the foreboding background. 102 more words


Kids Today...

Whatever happened to Libby the Kid? (That’s Billy the Kid spelled sideways, sort of.) I mean, back in the 70s, he was always around, touting those Libbyland dinners on TV. 80 more words



This is just a cupcake where someone has removed the icing and the chocolate flavoring. Sometimes simple is good, but when the things you’re removing are the only positive aspects of the thing you’re removing them from, maybe don’t eat what’s left. 18 more words


Twinkie Pyrotechnics

You have to heat a Twinkie in the microwave for 45 seconds, on average, before it will explode.

Or so I read in the newspaper this morning. 366 more words

Food And Drink

Get Free Fried Twinkies Today At Long John Silver's

Long John Silver’s is giving away FREE deep-fried Twinkies today. See how to get one…

And all you have to do to get a FREE deep-fried Twinkie is talk like a pirate! 12 more words


Totality: Eclipse of the Decade - Nashville Edition

So, what did you think of the Eclipse of the Decade? The event that sent people traveling far and wide to get the best possible view of totality, the moon completely covering the sun, creating a sight that can truly only be justified by the naked eye. 743 more words