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The New Twinkies Cookbook: Twinkie Burgers and Beyond

In order to celebrate their 85th Anniversary, Twinkie just put out a cookbook called “The Twinkies Cookbook.”

This cookbook comes a few years after the snack cake ended production in 2012. 79 more words


The New Twinkies Cookbook: Twinkie Burritos, Twinkie Burgers and Beyond

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A Twinkie’s endurance is the stuff of legend. (And in this case, we’re not referring to the popular belief that a Twinkie’s shelf life is longer than all of… 356 more words


It's National Junk Food Day, Here's Why It's OK To Indulge


A banana has 27 carbs and 14 sugars. A Twinkie has 18 carbs 11 sugars.


Flaming Hot Cheetos serving has 11 fat and 13 carbs. 51 more words


Three Needed For A Special Recipe (2015)

1. Bowl.
2. Utensils.
3. Twinkies.
Turning 85 years old-
Still tasting as good as gold.


The Hostess Twinkies Cookbook

Hostess Brands, LLC. The Hostess Twinkies Cookbook: Twinkies 85th Anniversary Edition: A New Sweet and Savory Recipe Collection from America’s Most Iconic Snack Cake. USA: Ten Speed Press. 176 more words


Easy Minion Cupcakes

I’ve always loved to bake. Ever since I was very young, I was the baker in the family and my sisters were the cooks.  They can whip up a 3 course meal on a whim while I like to really take my time looking up recipes and follow them step by step. 298 more words


Twilight Twinkies

Brenda smacked the side of the vending machine. Two Twinkies dropped. Lucky Day.

She started walking back toward Mitch’s room. It was still dark outside. She saw the approach of milder blackness in the distant corner of a window. 157 more words

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