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The Best Diet Part II

This is part two of a three part series on what the best diet is. In part I, I briefly went over the major dietary variants found in research and rattled off some of the research in support of them. 1,286 more words


You light up my life...

Two seconds after taking this photo Lola told me to stop being sappy and get her a damn Twinkie…


Derailing our Trains of Thought

Derailing our Trains of Thought

Don’t write about trains because if you start writing about trains,
you’ll have to write about train tracks,
which will lead to a detailed analysis into varying metallurgical processes, 138 more words


My entire life has been preparing for this moment...

It was mayhem in the kitchen. There was flour, sugar, salt and oil all over. I had the fry daddy heating up and the batter was being prepared. 239 more words

My Poor Friends & Family

Photo Gallery - Twinkie Meets Great Literature

I took a bunch of books and a twinkie and then I put the twinkie on the books. Read more to see the full set and a quick blurb. 203 more words

You Know You've Raised Your Kids Right #12

#12: When your child considers it a world crisis that Berger had to stop making cookies due to a discrepancy with permits.
I think this should go for any local food that is considered famous for your area because Berger cookies are strictly a Baltimore, Maryland thing.  243 more words

You Know You've Raised Your Kids Right

Thor vs. The Asgardian Goldfinger vs. Twinkies!

Gudrun, the “Glutton for Gold,” might not be at the forefront of Asgard’s pantheon, but he apparently has an Odin-sized hankering for all things associated with that precious metal — which extends to goldish-hued snack cakes. 62 more words