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Twinkies Ice Cream?!

In the beginning of March I tried the twinkie ice cream, snoball ice cream, and the deep fried twinkies. Found them at Walmart and I’m not sure what other grocery stores have them or if they are still in stores. 112 more words


Banana Twinkies

I know what you’re thinking; why even bother? Twinkies are perfectly fine the way they are.

And in the world of fruits, bananas are pretty fantastic in their own right. 93 more words

One Size Stuffs All

Bloated RJ never lasts more than a day or too.  His powers of elimination are prodigious. Garbage in. Garbage out.

Comic Commentary

"Oh...We're Going To Be Parents Today."

I’ve begun to believe that a multiples pregnancy has left me somewhat shell shocked. For starters, it’s taken me one year and eight months to finally open up about it. 1,456 more words

Adventures In Momming

Twinkies Cappuccinos Are Now a Thing

We’ve combined so many things – doritos and tacos, macaroni and cheese and cheetos – but this might be one of the best combinations of all time. 80 more words


The New Twinkies Cappuccino Is The Most Important Innovation Of Our Modern Era

There are countless amazing achievements in the modern era. The smart phone is a pretty good example (or just the cell phone itself). What would our lives be without having the world at our fingertips? 456 more words

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Hostess Introducing Twinkies Capuccino For All Your Coffee Needs

If you wanted more Twinkies in your life, Hostess has granted your wish!

The company is introducing Twinkies Cappuccinos aka liquid calories!

Hostess partnered with Kerry Convenience, a company providing food and beverage to convenience stores. 52 more words