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The Mean One and the Annoying One

Happy birthday to the mean one!!

Do i really look like i’m the annoying one? Ugh *rolls eyes* *facepalm* hahahaah but if it is with her, so be it! 35 more words


One Year Ago, Today

One year ago today, I thought my twin pregnancy was finally getting easier — or, at least, manageable! My nausea had subsided, I was getting off the couch for longer periods, and I was celebrating the news our twins were boys. 560 more words



I am not obsessed with selfies.

Really, I’m not!

At least that’s what I tell myself.

See, some people take like 29 selfies a day, and I only take, like, 2 a week (well sometimes I go crazy and just keep on making different faces into the screen). 36 more words

Down To The Wire...

Grrrr…why does packing have to be a total drag? And I thought the first time “college packing” sesh was bad…but this, this is sooo much worse. 736 more words


Twinnies Turn ONE!!

So my two favorite little monkeys are celebrating their first birthday today!

It seems so completely unbelievable that it’s already been a year. It feels like just yesterday when my Mom called and said that after four days of waiting, the doctors had finally decided to go ahead and take the boys and were getting my sister prepped for a c-section and that I needed to get to the hospital ASAP. 839 more words


Treasured Moments...& This Auntie's Dilemma

Well, he did it. My little Ty Bear took his very first steps yesterday! It was beautiful and perfect and absolutely one of the best moments ever! 1,859 more words


The Little Moments...

So my sister and I took the twinnies to the pumpkin patch for their first time today…


It made me think of all the little things that I’m going to miss when I leave. 641 more words