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Sleeptime...it's like the marathon I never trained for!

I am seriously starting to wonder what on earth happens to my children when sleep time comes around. My seemingly pleasant yet needy duo appear to turn into some sort of possessed zombie creatures! 701 more words


We Are Forever Partners..

We are always wondering in our life, where can we always find the best partner in what ever we do.. The one who can accompany us if we wanna go for shop or even just window shopping, when we are sad or depressed, he or she is the one who always be by our side comforting our hurtful heart and emotions, the one who we can lean on when we encounter any difficulties.. 251 more words


A night with newborn twins!

Urgh…my subconscious mind is rattled again. I can feel my conscious try and fight it.

“No you are imagining it…..it’s not true….it’s in your mind” 1,618 more words


365 Days of Us: Day 9

Thursday. 31st March 2016.

Another no picture day for me because there’s nothing worth taking a photo of and my blues are in full swing… BUT… 44 more words

365 Days Of Us

Kids and their germs!

So I’m lying on the sofa at 4.30 am and I have been lying awake for the past 3 hours! I find my kids fully responsible whilst they are quite happily getting their beauty sleep! 652 more words

Gypsy + Alex

Twinnies- Gypsy + Alex are adorable, 14 days new and ever so tiny!
Gypsy was not fussed at all and slept the entire time, little dreamer baby; whereas Alex was wide eyed, farting, funny little character. 39 more words


Easter Madness!!

Safe to say we have all eaten our weight in chocolate the past few days! I’m writing this whilst feeling a tad nauseous 😂😂😂 hey it’s Easter!!! 498 more words