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The Outing

Every so often, I am left alone with the twins. On some of these occasions, I become oddly adventurous and decide to leave the house. The trips aren’t usually too ambitious, but when babies are involved, even short trips can be a bit of an endeavor. 576 more words


Getting Pregnant

The decision was made.  Sarah and I were going to try to have a baby.  We began the process in the spring of 2013.  There were so many pills and shots for poor Sarah to take that I can hardly remember it all. 927 more words


The Decision

So, the five of us were at the park one afternoon.  Sarah and I were sitting on a bench watching the boys play tag all over this huge play structure.  1,008 more words


Gogglebox guilt

Ceebeebies…. I’m sure this is a familiar scene for any mum of toddlers /twins.

If this never happens in your house, how do you manage it. 86 more words


Part 3 - Family of Five

For those of you who have been following my blog for the past couple of days, you’ll be pleased to know that this installment does not end with “To Be Continued”! 711 more words


The Beginning (Part 2)

For our first date, Sarah and I had decided to meet at The Wild Rose, which is a well-known lesbian bar in Seattle.  When I first moved here (way back in the 90’s) I spent a good deal of time hanging out there.  705 more words


The Beginning (Part 1)

A lot of people ask us how our family came to be.  Actually, to tell you the truth, not that many people ask.  But we suspect that a lot of people want to know, they just don’t feel comfortable to come right out and ask.   689 more words