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Week 26: Zucchini Bambini

Hitting week 26 is a great feeling, if for no other reason than it means getting further away from the “scary” days of preemie delivery and closer to a time when delivery and entry into this big world will be safer. 729 more words

6 months

We are 6 months!!  Where has the time gone?

January 28th was the girls’ actual 1/2 birthday, but as usual I have gotten very behind on this post! 741 more words


Top 10 Pleasant Surprises of Living Abroad (with kids)

Living in Tamarindo has been quite an experience.  It’s not a vacation, it’s not traveling, we uprooted our lives of work, early mornings, blocking off stairs, grocery shopping, laundry, dinning out, beach time, happy days, sad days and non-stop twin energy and just planted it at a healthier pace.   798 more words

Costa Rica

...Wake Up!

I have disappeared into a world of sleep deprivation and yarn. Since Christmas, Edwyn and Theodore have been teething and growing which means that we don’t get much sleep these days. 205 more words


Snowmageddon 2015

It started with the usual hype. Snow!!! Lots of s-n-o-w coming your way! Buy milk and bread because that’s all you need in a snowstorm! Ok, I actually did stock up on milk because the babies went through three half gallons in a week. 336 more words


Identical Twin Brother

I’ve mentioned before I have a fraternal twin sister. I’ve pondered through my life what it would look like if I had a twin brother.  Now I know.