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Life Lessons

As the twins near their second birthday they have really ceased to be babies and become (that most dreaded of all life stages) The Toddler. They run, they scream, they throw themselves on the ground in abject despair, they make each other (and me) laugh uproariously at seemingly nothing, and importantly they talk. 689 more words


A portrait of spring

Let’s pretend that I am a photographer rather than a writer. Instead of describing bustling activity and bursting color, I will show you. 26 more words


On food and feeding

In my last post I set up the challenge of Veganuary. We successfully completed this challenge, with a couple of days ‘off’ largely in order not to inconvenience ourselves or others. 598 more words

You can go now, mummy

You can you go now mummy”, one of you said, engrossed in your Lego construction.

I thought I had mis-heard, or misunderstood…..I must have done. 718 more words


School holidays are made for bickering

This year’s Easter holiday was when you perfected the art of telling tales. You had been working on it for a while but this holiday gave you a good couple of weeks to really work on your skills. 608 more words


The True Value of Gluten Free Food

This time last year our home was filled with delicious, gluten-containing foods and ingredients. Fast forward to today and both Biscuit and my hubby, R, are confirmed Coeliacs. 580 more words


BBC Radio 5 Live - Twin Interviews

My twin sister Jessica Foster and I were asked to talk on BBC Radio 5 Live Drive on Friday 10 February 2017 about what life was like growing up as a twin. 70 more words