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My people

I often find myself sitting back being thankful for this amazing bunch of humans I get to call My People.

My older brother Sergio and I grew up with an exceptionally close bond that has transcended into adulthood, and now we are blessed enough to watch our children – four amazing little boys; grow up together and become the best of friends as cousins. 162 more words


Parenting small children - it's like this

I am 5 years into being a mum. My husband and I have built a frenetic, chaotic, noisy life which is filled with laughter, tears, apologies, gratitude, squabbles, hugs, grazed knees, cut lips and permanent exhaustion. 1,368 more words


Trendy Tot Thursday (19/11/2015)

My, life does seriously get away from you sometimes! I was all prepared to go with this Trendy Tot last week (12/11/2015) but totally forgot to post it. 232 more words


The (Breastfeeding) Hunger Games

Pregnancy cravings are overrated. They’re like the measly ripples before the actual tsunami hits. And by tsunami I mean Breastfeeding Hunger.

Sure, I had cravings when I was pregnant. 812 more words


A glimpse into this bubble of mine

My world is made up mostly of these two little humans. They came into my life after a long, difficult battle to fall pregnant and were so very much worth the wait. 97 more words


Stomach bug

I’m writing a quick update because I don’t want to share this weekend’s birthday post with something yucky like the stomach bug. J’s parents kept M and V Thursday night, to give us baby-free time and because they missed having them after we got home from San Francisco. 762 more words


Fall Back...Into Happiness?

Here’s another one for the “my children are weird” files:

In the Spring, we were somewhat excited about the switch to Daylight Saving Time. We thought that by moving the clocks ahead, we’d artificially adjust the twins’ schedule to where we wanted it. 469 more words