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Mama Cooked a Breakfast with No Hog

The twins slept late yesterday morning. That should have made it a good morning, but apparently, the lack of toddlers demanding my attention caused me to get lazy and sloppy. 712 more words


The doom and gloom around summer-born babies

You don’t need to look far to find information about how badly summer-born babies are likely to do in life. Just one search brought up… 1,399 more words


Sit Down!

“You are getting strapped into this seat whether you like it or not!”

Mrs. Cutter and I have found ourselves saying those words quite a bit over the past month. 671 more words


We've been busy!

Sorry for the lack in posting…keeping up with these four girls keeps me busy!  School is wrapping up this week and Avery has her Pre-K graduation tonight!   84 more words


Tired again 

Y’all! This has been a rough week. M and V have been grumpy, difficult, and emotional. I’m thinking they’re in a growth or brain spurt but I am so ready for it to be over already! 1,212 more words

Weekly Updates

I'm feeling a bit like this today

Being a mum is always hard, but then there are those periods that feel like a constant uphill battle and which we always hope (with fingers crossed) are ‘just a phase’. 461 more words


Multiples Illuminated: A Book About Moments For Anyone Expecting or Raising Multiples

The moment you find out you are going to be a parent for the first time, a natural instinct to seek out information that tells you… 823 more words