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Dreaming of tomorrow

His body goes limp in my arms, still young but not-so-little. He screams, thrashes, brings himself to the floor.

He didn’t want to brush his teeth, but he didn’t want his twin sister to have teeth time with me either. 720 more words


Two year doctor visit, finally

M and V had a good checkup today. I am so glad that J was able to take his lunch break to go with me. After signing in, they handed me two big packets and a third sheet to fill out! 617 more words


2016 is here

I really have been slacking in many of my never ending to do list of life. What I have been doing is enjoying my babies. Ahhh they will always be my babies. 131 more words


Photo Blog: Picnic Grove

Hello to all of you once again! As promised, I’m back with another photo blog. This time it’s going to be a little shorter than the usual because I’m rather busy right now, and I have to beat a deadline. 280 more words


Photo Blog - CBTL Crosswinds

After a few days of neglecting my blog…I still don’t feel like updating. Haha. But since I’ve just come back from an activity-packed weekend with my twinnie, I owe you guys a photo blog!   681 more words


Shoveling, Socializing, and a Horcrux: Tales from Snowzilla

Last weekend, the East Coast was pounded by winter storm Jonas (Naming winter storms is a thing now?), or as many social media sources nicknamed it, Snowzilla. 1,081 more words

Trips And Events

Twin Parenting - Milestones

Try it at 18 months to 2 years – Giving toddlers the opportunity to play by themselves fosters a sense of confidence and independence, some kids will find a way to get into trouble even in a childproofed room, but in general most kids this age should be safe for short periods of time as long as you stay within earshot. 218 more words