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The Island

I wanted to start this rainy Monday morning with a positive note, however, the truth is that yesterday I had a very shitty day and I always told myself when I started this blog that this would be my truth.   974 more words

Baby Shower

I’m writing this as my wife gets ready for our baby shower which is being put on by our mothers. I am so glad that they get along. 42 more words


Nobody is perfect, this may come as a surprise to my wife, but it’s true even I have faults.

Anxiety, I haven’t a clue where this has come from but recently leaving the house creates a trauma, my mood changes and I become a dad who is a dick.

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Baby Krishanu Sketches

Now here’s another sketch of the baby twin brother. I like the sketch of him looking a little sad. And then there’s him crying

#sketch #drawing #original Story

18 weeks pregnant 

Finally, a pregnancy update!!

How far along?

18 weeks.

Weight gain?
Ah I forgot to weigh myself. I think I’m roughly on track for their recommendations for twin pregnancy and all that. 198 more words


16 weeks - How am i feeling?


Q n A answered

How am i feeling??

Crazy hungry!! Crazy tired!!! Twinning is so tiring!!

I’m so hungry, i eat so much more then my lovable husband right now!! 319 more words

Twins Release OF Drew Stubbs

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Minnesota Twins announced Sunday that they have granted outfielder Drew Stubbs his unconditional release, making him a free agent.

The Twins also reassigned pitcher Drew Rucinski to minor league camp. 85 more words