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Ivf2: ultrasound 

So yesterday we went for our ultrasound andddd were not just pregnant with one but two!!!! 😍 they told me I’m 6weeks and 5days, due March 15. 306 more words

Nursery Essentials: Our List

As a way to help you prepare for a new baby, I thought I could compile our list of baby essentials & must-haves (after extensive research as we’ve never been parents before =) ). 969 more words


Over a Half Million Dollars a Year

The Whopping Sum Of Money These Twins Made A Month For Posting Photos Of Their Booty Online!

So, twins, Dana and Nadia Bruna, 30, whose bums measure 102cm, claim they make £20,000 a month by posting photos of their butt online. 726 more words


My Good Day Might Seem Nuts . . . Because It Is

Today was a good day, I didn’t get peed or pooped on. There were minimal time outs and for the most part everyone got along. It was still a crazy day, as they are with four kids, but overall I was happy with today. 626 more words


Why I Wish I Co-Slept

There are so many things to consider when you have a kid.

Do I let him/her/them sleep with me or put them in the crib right away? 346 more words

Baby Brain... Sans Baby

New words

The world of toddlers is full of magical discoveries, exciting adventures and incomprehensible words. They are so eager to communicate and share!

T, for example, loves trains and that seems to be all he talks about. 430 more words


Twins | FOUR & FOUR and a HALF

Well, somehow I missed doing an actual FOURTH birthday post for my twinkies. I know I posted some birthday photos, but I never followed up with their letters. 1,291 more words