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Random Musings: All of Me or None of Me

“Feeling something in my heart is required for “ME” to feel sexually attracted to someone and to act on that attraction. I do find it rather interesting that some people still consider it prudish if you actually desire some semblance of emotional connection before engaging. 86 more words


I AM a Magician...

“I am a magician, a spell caster of positive vibes. An energy bender and master creator. I am a Music Artist and I create with Sound.” ~ … 9 more words


Show Me

One’s Actions Speak The Loudest….TwinSpirit  ‪#‎showMe‬


You Are Enough!

“Embracing that I AM all I Need.
Finding Beauty in All I See.
Embracing the light, the love, the joy.
I Finally Know that I’m ENOUGH!” ~ … 191 more words


Random Musings: Are You Ready To Grow?

This message was on my heart when I awoke today. Spirit said to share: “Each day is not promised nor is each moment guaranteed. Remember to make/take time for those you really care for and love & for those you consider to be of value and important in your life. 651 more words


Random Musings: I Still Believe in Love and Magic

“There are plenty of kind hearts, open minds, & beautiful spirits walking the planet that would make the most amazing partners.

The challenge is that we are often unable to connect with or even see them clearly because we are still a bit stuck in the energy of past disappointments, somewhat fragmented, and in some ways a little bit broken. 188 more words