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Random Musings: Unsatisfied & Wanting More

Today I feel so dissatisfied. I am irritable and a bit on edge…truthfully I am not 100% sure of the exact reason why but I am 100% aware that when I feel this way it is the spirit of me speaking to the physical manifestation of me. 175 more words


I Am Love, Loving, & Loved

“I am okay just the way I am. I love me and I trust that what is for me will be and what is not will flee. 46 more words


Random Musing: Saying No to those You Love

We ALL have the right to walk any path we choose. Someone not supporting you on a given path or in a given decision is also their right. 317 more words


Random Musings: Embrace Uncertainty

Certainly Uncertainty
is part of the fire that fuels the passionate desire to move towards all that your heart and soul craves.

unsure if the next move is the right move but faithful and courageous enough to take that step anyway. 101 more words


Random Musings: Last Night I Died

“Last night I died…Today Born Anew. Its amazing the strength that letting Go(d) gives You. My EGO has died a million deaths as it struggles to cling to itself. 53 more words


The Simple Things....

“The simple things are truly what I desire.

This made me smile so big and wonder who has been reading my Heart”

~ Twin Spirit


Power Resides in Taking Responsibility

“I notice many individuals often post and speak of excessive amounts of negativity and drama in their lives. They make eloquent declarations about removing certain people from their lives and they imply that the other party is the sole source of their frustration and/or unhappiness but what I rarely notice is people accepting responsibility for their parts in propagating and sometimes creating the negative situations that exist in their worlds. 333 more words