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Miss Honey Joy - the new home of cake bunting and other gorgeous handmade things

At the end of last year I decided I didn’t want to make my cake bunting anymore. But having invested so much time in creating the products, photographing them appealingly, discovering they were popular and subsequently gaining such a lot of good press, I couldn’t bring myself to just let it fade away. 332 more words

Twirling Betty

twirling betty on Craftumi

Craftumi is an Australian online marketplace for buying and selling craft supplies. It’s the sister site to Made It (handmade Australian) and is a fab spot to pick up whatever crafty supplies your heart desires. 212 more words

Twirling Betty

Can you feel the love?


Hope your Valentine’s Day is chockers with love my darlings.

Someone thinks I'm super. And a star.

If you’re not already familiar with it, Cut Out And Keep is a treasure trove of amazing craft, fashion, beauty and food tutorials; a repository for heaps of awesome stuff. 386 more words

Craft Tutorials

twirling betty in the press and on the Made It blog

twirling betty had a lovely little  feature in Australian Home Beautiful magazine this month. I LOVE Home Beautiful magazine but it stresses me out to read it because I covet almost everything in there. 92 more words

Twirling Betty

Look how people are using twirling betty bunting

Okay, so the title of that post may have led you to believe I was about to showcase an exotic array of photos featuring the use of twirling betty bunting in never-before-seen ways. 213 more words

Twirling Betty

twirling betty packaging

Packaging is the kind of thing I lie in bed at night and consider. Not in a worried kind of way. In an “I can’t sleep so instead I’ll brainstorm packaging ideas” kinda way. 393 more words

Twirling Betty