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Twist of fate

A bad case of wrong timing.
How could this happen to me? All the qualities I had listed had already been materialized and in full reality just before my eyes. 266 more words


Twist of Fate

He grabbed the necklace
around her neck
and pulled down and away
but the clasp was too strong
so she bent at the waist,
at the strength of it. 100 more words


Bleed through

Behind my eyes
is a script I never read
words so deep, I’m scared they’ll bleed through
and you’ll see it all.

Middle Of Night

Twist of Fate - Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


Twist of Fate

Leonie rested her elbows on the railing and took in the breathtaking beauty and serenity of her surroundings.   198 more words

Flash Fiction

The Sweetest Dream

Ironically, when the person who had been wishing me “sweet dreams” for the past 3 years had stopped doing so, it was today that I had the sweetest dream ever. 412 more words

A Spoonful of Sugar as Momentum

One of the most common questions I get from would-be authors or young people is: what makes you write?

In answering, I usually talk about the love of words and the joy of crafting good stories and creating images in people’s minds. 380 more words