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Shark attack credited with discovery of man's kidney cancer

In a strange turn of events, a New England man could very well owe his life to the shark that tried to eat him.

Fitchburg, Massachusetts resident Eugene Finney was on vacation in California in July when a hungry shark took a run at him during a dip in the ocean. 250 more words


Wide Awake and Dreaming

She lay nestled between the sheets, her face toward the open window.  Her mind was calm and peaceful and yet sleep eluded her.  Again.   In the distance, she heard the wail of a siren hurrying toward someone else’s tragedy and she wondered, briefly, what it might be.  3,634 more words


A Twist of Fate-Six Lug Nuts Later

Often in the daily bustle of life we tend to forget how precious it is to us. In one swift second life can be taken away from us. 684 more words

"Investigative Ink"

Walking Dead : Behind-the-Scenes with Project Prometheus and TWIST OF FATE

The concept of the Zombie is one that’s been twisted and mangled so much by Hollywood, it bears little resemblance to the original concept of a Zombie as believed by faith structures like Vodun, or seen in mythology dating back into antiquity (the first written reference I’ve ever been able to find, in my research, dates back almost as far as written language). 247 more words


What If

Jenny was late, always late.  She laughed a little too loud and she asked the most bizarre “what-if” questions just for fun.  Harold didn’t appreciate them — the “what-if” questions…didn’t see the point. 2,522 more words


Walkthrough: Kissed by the Baddest Bidder// Ota Season 2 TWIST OF FATE

Episode 1:

1. C: Squeeze his hand.
2. B: I knew you’d do that.

Episode 2:

1. B: “Maybe, but…”
2. B: “Don’t call me Koro.” 82 more words

Kissed By The Baddest Bidder

Mixing it up

Two weeks to go until our book launch and I’m wondering how authors who are widely recognized and have a zillion books out ever do it! 291 more words