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Little Ethan's Underwear

Little Ethan’s Underwear
Hangs out to dry in the summer air
And those that see them stop and stare,
And say, “a super-hero must live there.”

Twisted Tales

The Wicked Witch, with the Wicked Itch

Once there was a wicked witch

Who woke up with a wicked itch

But everyplace she tried to scratch

There formed another itchy patch

She went to go and see the king… 257 more words

Twisted Tales

Sisters' Spider

Lauren saw a spider and she called out in disgust.

Olivia her sister viewed the spider with distrust.

But when their sister Claire came in, the youngest of them all, 14 more words

Twisted Tales

The Snoring Princess of Evermore

Hark! Hear of the Princess of the Castle Evermore

Her beauty was renowned but then again, so was her snore.

Her Mother, Sweet Brume-Hilda, and her Dear Old Dad the King, 160 more words

Twisted Tales

CROOKED TALES: Deception & Revenge in 15 Short Stories (Short Story Tales Book 2)


Deception & Revenge in 15 Short Stories

(Short Story Tales Book 2)

“ALL HAIL the Short Story!”
These 15 short stories come from those shaded corners; the shadowy recesses of our minds where deceit and revenge take refuge. 842 more words


Norfolk (Runner-up, Raging Aardvark)

At the same time as I was rewriting Endangered, I was also rewriting another story called Norfolk. I planned to submit Norfolk to the FlashFlood Journal this year but I ended up submitting it to the… 126 more words

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Twisted Tales - Collaboration Project

Hi guys!

Editing ‘Nostalgia’ has been put on hold recently for a collab project I’m working on – if you follow my twitter page you may remember me mentioning ‘Twisted Tales’, a web series based on fairy tales at university. 207 more words

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