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Twisted Tales "Handy Manny: Call Manny for Murder" Episode Two

“Handy Manny: Call Manny for Murder Episode One”

“Welcome to Sheetrock Hills”

The sun rose cheerily on a new day in Sheetrock Hills. The lovely warm weather brought out the singing of the birds, and the suns rays woke the blooming flowers. 703 more words


Twisted Tales: "Handy Manny: Call Manny for Murder" Episode Three

“Handy Manny: Call Manny for Murder Episode One”

“A Search for Clues”

Police sirens filled the air as the cars turn onto the street in front of Handy Manny’s Repair Shop. 1,113 more words


My second review for Twisted Tales...another 5 Star

I just received my second review of my short story collection, and it was another 5 Star rating.  It wasn’t a long review, but if I can give someone the “heebie jeebies” with my writing, than I’ve done my part.  Feeling pretty good.


Twisted Tales"Handy Manny: Call Manny for Murder" Episode one

Figure in the Dark

It’s the middle of the night, and in the darkness of the empty room the rattling echoed against the walls. Streetlight shown in through the window in the front door, and the shadow of a figure stretched across the walls. 132 more words


Coming Soon: Twisted Tales

A weekly feature where I take a popuar story, television show, legend, etc, and rewrite it or create a whole new story of my own design. 56 more words


MY NEW BOOKS, MY OLD STORIES - released today

I’m hoping people will judge my new books by their covers, because these ones look terrific, and they’ve been released into stores and online today. … 149 more words


Disney Stories

By Maya Devineni and Arya Chethikattil

We all loved watching Disney movies. From the magical story of Cinderella to the cute story of the little Mermaid, every Disney tale was amazing. 347 more words