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A Few Words...My Rejected Story: Dust Bunnies

Yeah, this one was rejected for submission.  I still like it. Hope you do to.

Dust Bunnies

By Mike Wolff


“Are you excited to get back to your own home and sleep in your own bed, sweetie?” asked Maggie of her son, as she looked over her shoulder. 4,919 more words


Little Miss Muffet Sat on Her Tuffet...

…and you can sit too! Enjoy the comfort of reserved seating by purchasing your ticket ahead through Eventbrite. There are still reserved tickets available, but they are limited.  40 more words

A Note for Raymond

Raymond looks at the office clock for the tenth time in the past two minutes. Ten seconds to half five… nine… eight… seven… He switches off his computer and pats his pockets: keys, wallet, pen, comb. 897 more words

Short Stories

That's Me Dead

That’s me dead.

At least, I should be dead – there’s a heck of a lot of blood gushing from my guts. Or from the gaping wound which used to be my guts. 457 more words

Short Stories

Meet Lubna Sengal, a Twisted Tales author

To paraphrase Forrest Gump (and his momma): “twisted is as twisted does”- so grab your ebook copy of Twisted Tales (or a print copy by clicking  414 more words

Memories are Made of This

Franz eased himself into his favourite armchair, took a sip of coffee and stared at the yellowed, curling photograph in his hand. Four young men in Wehrmacht uniform, their sleeves rolled up for summer, on the day Klaus had snapped them with his box camera. 398 more words

Short Stories

It's Monday; What Are You Reading? The Bad Guys: Episode 1

I grabbed a copy of Aaron Blabey’s book, The Bad Guys, at NCTE, not thinking much of it. It’s a short graphic novel about a wolf, snake, shark, and piranha, who are usually cast as “bad guys” in stories. 234 more words