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Twisted Tuesday Movie Pick! Devil

Run time 80 mins
John Erick Dowdle

I was sure that Devil would fall under the good-bad horror category (so bad it’s good) but I was wrong. 394 more words

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Twisted Tuesday! The Strain: Fort Defiance

The Strain
Season 2, Episode 3
Fort Defiance

The episode begins with Bolivar as we see him dragging a bag through NYC. After being approached by a couple of officers, the bag is opened to reveal he’s lugging around a bag full of dirt. 656 more words

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Twisted Tuesday

Welcome back to Twisted Tuesday! A time for all things weird, twisted, and terrifying! Here’s our schedule for tonight:

Amazon The Strain Fort Defiance 17 more words
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Twisted Tuesday! Invader Zim - Issue 1!

Invader Zim
Issue 1
Johnen Vasquez
Aaron Alexovich

This week we catch up with Zim, Gir, Dib and Dib’s sister Gaz in Twisted Tuesday’s comic pick, Invader Zim issue 1! 342 more words

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Lessons I learnt From Dating A Tycoon's Daughter.

I used to think dating a daughter of a super rich guy would be a thrill.
In my wildly overboard imagination, it was all about her spoiling me with her dad’s money. 574 more words


Kevin Smith's Tusk or Nightmares I Will Have Tonight

Confession: I do not like horror movies with the exception of maybe Scream which lets be honest, barely counts. Movies like Saw and Human Centipede in no way appeal to me. 281 more words

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Twisted Tuesday! Gotham by Midnight!

Gotham by Midnight
Ray Fawkes
Ben Templesmith
DC Comics
January, 2015

My comics recommendation for this week’s Twisted Tuesday is Gotham by Midnight. It’s not your typical Batman comic book. 380 more words

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